Alex looked at his surroundings and let out a long breath. Relief flooded him.

"Mummy!" a little girl bounced into the room, her dark pigtails flailing about. Alex lifted her up effortlessly, swinging her around.

"Have you been a good girl for grandma?" he asked, joy filling his heart at the happiness on his adoptive daughter's face.

"Yes she has," Seth's mum said as she came out of the kitchen, wiping her hands. "Jess has just been helping me bake some cookies." She shot a grin at the little girl before looking around. "Where's Seth?"

"Unloading the car. I should give him a hand."

"How was the tour?" Mrs Mitchell asked as Alex placed down Jessica.

"Great, there were so many people out there. I loved it!" the blonde man, dressed as a rather beautiful young woman, replied happily.

Alex left they living room to go outside. His husband was unpacking the car, topless because of the heat. He grinned, bounding over, wrapping his arms around the muscular sweaty body.

"Gah, you make me hot!" Seth tried to shake him off teasingly.

Alex gave his back a kiss before stepping back. "Jessica and your mum have been making cookies."

Seth turned around, a suitcase in his hands. "Really? We better get inside then and eat. I'm famished." He patted his firm stomach with his other hand.

Alex rolled his eyes and started to push him to their house. He grabbed the other suitcase and closed the boot of their car. They walked into the house.

"Daddy!" Jessica ran up to Seth and clung to his legs.

The blonde smiled at the sight. They had adopted Jessica three years ago when she was one. It was definitely something good. She was a bundle of energy, always making them laugh.

Putting the suitcase down, he touched the wedding ring on his finger. They had been married for six years ago, and been together ten. Ten years since that accident that had almost took away Seth.

At least his dad was dead now but sadly his mother had passed away later, but not after making it up to him. They had spent a couple of months building up time they had lost before she had committed suicide. It still shocked him that she loved his dad so much still that she would take her own life to be with him again. But it was her choice.

"Cain phoned," Mrs Mitchell told Alex, snapping him out of his thoughts.


Cain was his manager now, still kind of his Boss. He still ran the clubs by was more focused on Alex's record deal, which made him a hit. He performed to millions under the name Alexandra Mitchell, the new name on the charts. No doubt people would be surprised to find out he was in fact a man.

"Yeah, he wants you to pick up a wedding invite."

Alex gaped. "Wow."

Seth's eyebrows shot up as he cuddled his daughter. "So he is finally marrying Julian."

Alex grinned. He wanted Cain to be happy. Caleb had deserted him shortly after the accident, saying Cain was too dangerous. The poor man had broken Cain's heart. But Julian was an angel. He was like a brother.

"Jess, why don't you help grandma finish off those cookies?" Alex asked.

The little girl jumped off her daddy, to run into the kitchen. Her grandma shook her head laughing as she followed after her.

Alex shot Seth a flirtatious look before coming over to him. His husband dropped the suitcases in his hands to the floor. The blonde's arms wrapped around his waist. "I think our bedroom has missed us," he whispered seductively into Seth's ear.

Seth smirked, one of his hands going up his lover's dress, cupping his buttocks. "I think it has." He scooped his husband up into his arms, the dress moving up to reveal gorgeous thighs that needed his attention.

Alex kissed Seth as they ventured upstairs.

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