Chapter Two

The week had gone fast for Seth. He had had to turn down so many girls it was almost unbelievable. The football team had accepted him and everything was going so well. Though in his life, when everything went well, it soon went wrong.

Alex had been like a ghost, only appearing in classes, which he shared a lot of with Seth. Everyone had acted as though he wasn't there but there were a few snide comments about his sexuality.

Seth was comfortable with his sexuality. He had always liked girls and had never once fancied a guy. But there was something about Alex that kind of unnerved him. He really was beautiful and every time he thought that, he came to hate the guy more.

He refused to think that about a male.

Alex never turned up in gym lessons. When he had asked one of the boys why they had just snidely replied that he was always beaten up in the showers and it was good riddance. No one wanted a gay boy looking at them in the changing rooms.

"Are you done daydreaming?" an impatient voice asked behind him.

Seth snapped out his thoughts, realizing that the car had parked. He looked over at Drake, his older brother. "Yeah sorry."

"No problem mate. Remember, your driving so no drinking," the twenty one year old reminded him.

Seth rolled his eyes, "Whatever."

It was their first time in the town and they had so many clubs to go to. Drake was an avid clubber and Seth always got in because he looked eighteen, even though he was two months short.

He got out of the Toyota with his brother. There were faint sounds of the laughter of young women in the distance. They took a short alleyway that appeared to go into the town. There were two bouncers standing at a large doorway on one of the large buildings.

The two men were huge and eyed up the two young men as they approached.

"Well brother, I think this should be our first stop," Drake murmured in anticipation, his brown eyes lighting up.

Seth wasn't so sure. There was something in those two men's eyes he didn't like. But he said nothing. He hadn't had a Saturday night out like this in a while. Anything was better than being at home.

"Hello boys," one of the men greeted, his voice deep and gravely.

"Hi," Drake replied smoothly.

Seth just nodded.

"Go straight in," the other bouncer winked before opening the doors.

Seth and Drake were surprised they weren't asked for ID but took it up and walked inside. Seth was a bit wary of the wink the bouncer had given them. No bouncer had ever done that before.

The sound of a beautiful woman's voice floated through the dark corridor until they strode into the main part of the club. Her voice filled the hall with heavenly octaves.

Seth's eyes widened at the sight before him.

Drake was spluttering at his side.

Men were everywhere. Some were in the seated area on top of each other, the rest were dancing on the dance floor in outrageous outfits. A male couple passed them by, exiting the club.

The dark haired one looked them up and down hungrily. "Have a nice time boys," he winked, his voice of a southern drawl.

This was no ordinary club…this was a gay club.

Seth's eyes moved up to the female singer.


He moved forward to get a better look at the stage in the middle of the large dance hall. Lights illuminated her, her blonde hair glowing, beautiful voice flowing across the hall.

Their eyes met and Seth gasped. There was no mistaking the face that looked back at him.


"Are you sure you're okay?" Cain examined the young boy in front of him, concerned of his health.

Alex forced a smile, "Yeah sure. No way I'm ever accepting a drink again."

"Good boy," his Boss grinned, placing a hand on his slim shoulder. "Or should I say good girl." His eyes roamed over the short golden dress that clung to Alex's body. The boy was slender and any woman would die to have those long legs of his.

Alex blushed, tossing his long blonde hair behind his shoulder. "Thanks for last weekend Cain." He avoided the older man's eyes trying to focus on the strappy heels he wore to match his dress.

"No problem. That bastard deserved everything he got that night." He paused to lift Alex's chin up. "Is the apartment going alright?"

The boy tried to nod but remembered his head was being held in place. "Um yes," he replied hastily. "You really do too much for me Cain."

His Boss let go of his chin to give him a warm smile. "Alex, you're my best act and my favourite young man. There is never too much for you."

Tears pricked Alex's eyes, overcome with emotion. He did the first thing that came into his mind and hugged the older man, seeking his warmth.

Cain held him close. The boy had been through a lot already and there was no way he would let any man hurt him ever again. Alex was like a son to him. "You might want to fix up your make up before you go on," he advised him as the young boy drew away.

Alex nodded, "Thanks." He walked out of his Boss' rooms into his dressing room. Looking into the mirror, he saw his eyes were red and puffy. Quickly, he applied some powder to hide the fact he had been crying. He put on another coat of lip-gloss and examined himself in the mirror.

He really did look like a girl. In fact, after shows he was often mistaken for a real girl. It made him feel warm inside. He adjusted his fake breasts and prepped himself for what was to come.

He could hear the faint thumping of the club music above him, which would soon be taken over by his voice. It had been almost three years since he had started and the club never seemed to get bored of him.

Alex smiled and walked out of his room. Pushing back all the memories resurfacing, he concentrated on his life now.

Cain came out of his own room.

The boy's smile widened when he saw his Boss was wearing the leather pants he had gotten him for his birthday a couple of months ago. The leather wife beater he wore showed off his muscular arms nicely.

"Ready to get called on?" Cain asked with a joking wink.

"Yep," Alex replied with bubbling excitement. He loved the rush he got before he got on stage. He had never felt at home anywhere else.

The Boss held out an arm and Alex took it, his long fake nails resting on the soft flesh. They walked up the stairs to the main stage.

Alex loved being on centre stage, surrounded by the men that adored him. The music fell quiet as they reached the top and strode out into the platform where a microphone awaited.

"Gentlemen, I am pleased to present to you…Alexandra!" Cain kissed Alex's hand as a huge cheer rose up.

The young man took the stage, holding the microphone as his backing music started up. He felt so feminine at that moment; it made his insides bubble. He began with a slow tune that was written especially for him.

His eyes scanned the people dancing, seeing all of them swaying together.

Soon that song was finished so he began the old classic 'I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor. It always got everyone up dancing.

Cain only wanted him doing three songs a night so he wouldn't strain his voice. He ended with another slow song, which was also one that was written for him and the one he loved the most.

Closing his eyes, he swayed his hips to the music, loosing himself in the gentle backing notes of the song. His voice flowed over the crowds, mesmerizing everyone.

Eventually he opened his eyes and scanned the area. They widened in shock as they landed on a very familiar figure at the entrance of the club.

His blood ran cold. Oh fuck! It was that new boy, Seth.

Alex squeezed his eyes shut and concentrated on the rest of the song. Finally, he opened them again, putting on a false flirtatious tone, "I hope you liked the songs tonight boys."

Cat whistles and cheers rose up. They started to chant his female stage name.

He grinned before he started to get off stage as quickly as possible. His smile vanished as a hand closed over his arm. Gasping, he spun around, blonde hair whipping his face.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Alex snapped, seething at the fact Seth had just seen him like this.

The taller boy just looked Alex up and down before turning red. "Do you work here?"

"Well that's a stupid question," he replied, half angry, half humiliated.

"I'm sorry. I-I won't tell anyone." Seth looked very uncomfortable.

"I know you won't. Can't tell anyone you were seen in a gay bar can you?"

Seth's red turned crimson. Hell, he was so shocked to see Alex looking like this. He looked exactly like a female! A gorgeous one at that… He mentally kicked himself.

"Seth, we are going right now." Drake grabbed hold of his brother's shoulder. He looked at the angry female Seth had hold of. "Seriously, don't bother the only damn woman in this club. God knows what these gays will do."

Seth and Alex looked at Drake, surprised.

"What's going on here?"

Alex's heart lifted at the familiar deep voice. He turned to face Cain, who was coming up the stairs. "Nothing, they were just leaving," Alex replied icily, glancing back at Seth. He shook free of the other boy's hand.

"Good," Cain glared at the two younger men. "I ever see you lay a hand on Alex again, you will be dead."

Seth paled at the Boss' words. Drake grabbed him and pulled him towards the doorway.

Alex watched them, finally letting his true emotions out. Fear grabbed hold of him. What if Seth told someone? Anyone would believe anything he came up with. It wasn't as if he was ashamed at being more comfortable in woman's clothes. Just he didn't think he could handle any more bullying.

"Are you okay Alex?" Cain asked, watching the emotions play in the young boy's eyes.

Deep blue eyes looked up at him, "Can I stay with you tonight Cain?"

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