"Kac..Why the hell are you crying," my freind Nancy ask me

"How can you..." sniff "How can you not cry?" I ask her.

It was Sunday and in the morning we sit and watch movies over. We do this to relax our self before the work week starts.

The movie we decided to watch was King Kong, we were at the part where King is on the top of the building and Anne is staring straight into his eyes and telling him (but not really telling him) that she will miss him and that she loves him with all her heart.

Nancy is staring at me wide eyed. "Easy... Don't think of what is happing."

" I can't...its like he is staring straight into my heart... With those beautiful brownish green eyes."

"Kasey ,stop just stop." Nancy shift in the couch."Not this again. The thing is a big monkey"

"Big monkey with a big heart!" I say as I get up to make more tea."Fine," I yell "pick another movie."

"Howww 'bout" Nancy pauses.

"How 'bout what?" I ask urging her to go on with her sentance.

"Ummm...how 'bout...uh...ummmm Overboard?" Nancy finally asks.

"Ok... yeah that sounds nice." I tell her as I come in my living room with the mugs full of tea.

"Man...I don't want to go to work tomorrow." Nancy works at the art gallery downtown.

"I thought you loved that job.." I say as the opening scenes of Kurt Russell getting ready to go to Goldie Hawns yacht.

"I do... I mean its the best job ever... but that hot guy I was telling you about hasn't came back."

"Maybe-" I didn't get to answer because of someone was knocking on my door.

"Hold that thought" I say to her. I run to get the door. 'Hel-"

One word damn and again damn.

"UH...ummhhmm...Hello" I finally get out of my mouth.

"Hey" this guy says in a husky but not husky voice. And those eyes its like eyes of well an angel. Im getting to into this.

"Hey" I say

"Hey Kac whose ther-" and to prove my point she lets a breath out.

"Hey...uh... my name is Slevin.. and I just moved in this building... I'm in apartment B2 and I was going around saying 'Hi'" He says as he reaches his hand out for me to shake it.

"Oh welcome to our building... My name is Kayce and this is my friend Nancy..she doesn't live here but I do... and just a little advice don't use the elevator on Tuesday.. I really don't know why it happens but it just stops working and then on Wednesday it works... so yeah.." I say and then look down. Why did I just tell him that. Well it is so funny when you hear people yell "Help" when they have lived here forever.

Oh My Lanta.. I'm still in my pink piggy sleep pants with a white t shirt and my hair in a messy bun.. I look over at Nancy; she is the same but has blue cow sleep pants.

We got them for Christmas as a present for both of us.

"Uh.. thanks I'll keep that in mind...well nice to meet the both of you... I'll see you later." And with that he went down the hall to the other door and knock. I shut the door and head back to the couch.

"Good Lord, that boy is hot" Nancy says as we set back down.

" He is ok..Even good looking, I wouldn't say he was hot." I take a sip from my tea.

"What! Are you ok.. I think that brain of yours has just died."Nancy looks as me as if I'm stupid.

"Nancy I'm not ready to get back in a relationship I mean look what happened to the last one, he left me for the new waitress." I say to her. Now we were watching the movie. for about ten minutes and Nancy just had to say it.

"But he is hot" Nancy looks over at me.

"Shut up and watch the movie" I say to her.


Authors note: ok well i have posted this story before but now since i got my computer i can now update sooner and updates will be around 1 to 2 weeks since i have to work and babysite so hoped you enjoyed this chapter