I wake up at around 6 and realized that I was supposed to be at work in ten minutes. I threw my covers over be hide me as I rolled out of bed. I didn't want to get up but if I didn't then John would chew me out. I walked into the bathroom and started my shower. John will get over it. I mean he doesn't want me to stink in the place right?

I work at a restaurant with my older brother John; we've had the place for about three years. It was johns' idea. Saying that he wanted to be his own boss but he wanted to have a partner also. He didn't trust anyone. He is really big on that. This one I took one of his cds and I can't go to his house without being under his watchful eye.

So we now own Home-style Café. It's been pretty busy. A lot of college students come there because 'Just like my mammas cookin' I am always told or we read it in the news paper. My brother and I didn't think that it would be this big.

I get out of the shower and I hear my phone go off. I run forgetting to grab my towel.

"Hello?" I say breathless.

"Kayce, where are you. I cont believe you late." Johns yells in my ear.

"I was getting out of the shower tell someone just had to call." I say someone my angrily.

"Sorry it just that you're late and I really need you to get here." He said in the tone that he is helpless.

"I'm coming ok. Let me get dress and I'll be there ok." Please let me get dress because I'm cold.

"Yeah fine get dress and come on."

"Ok I am and will bye. Love yah." I say and he says it I hang up.

I go and get dress and was about to leave when I notice that I had on two different shoes. I went to change and go to work.

"Hey, I'm here" I say as I walk into the restaurant.

"There is someone listing to my call, ok so here is a problems the cooks need to know what the special since they don't agree and we need to call someone to fill Fran's shift and a hundred other things" John said has he tried to catch his breath.

I look around this place is not so bad and these problems will be handle like that.

"Ok John, just breath we will get through this, just pick something and that's the special and Ill take Fran's shift I don't mind." I pat him on the shoulder.

Sometimes my brother can make a big deal on everything. I don't know what we would do if I wasn't here.

"Ok lets get started."

A/N- sorry guys I know its been a long time I was having writers block and I don't know if I want to continue this story.. I guess I'm in to this but we'll see.. tell if you like this chapter…