Hey Smiley, Remember When The Leaves Fell?

Hey Smiley, I've seen you before
You once held open the door
I said thank you, and you gave a nod
And in those friendly eyes, I saw a man upon whom the world trod

The nice guy, I know you well
You gleamed for the world, your pain they couldn't tell
"Someday you'll find your place" they assured
So you waited quietly, your faith having been lured

But society has no place for men like you
The women don't care, they usually forget too
No one can look at your face and take you seriously
You're just a friend, they state it blatantly

It's kind of funny the way things work
You're their best friend, and then they go for the jerk
Because he can spit real big and he touts his guns
He's got things you don't, and your pride's on the run

And at the end of the day, when he's broken her heart
She comes back to you, her emotions wrought
Into a figure eight, twisted and sad
She'll cry for herself and cry because he's bad

And that's why she loves him, that boy dressed in black
It seems you're there simply to pick up the slack
Look her straight in the eye, confess, and she'll laugh
She doesn't love you because you won't ever stab her in the back

Hello Smiley, I'm sure we've met before
It seems the only thing you're actually useful for
Is making others feel good, your failures at hand
The tide comes in, and you're a name written in the sand

They won't thank you because you don't matter
And after a while, your heart just doesn't shatter
You grew cold smiley...cynical and wack
Your mind twisted up, you hide what you lack

You push them away because you secretly fear
They might actually love you for who you are and cheer
So you stay quiet, I never heard you once
And dream of better days, you're really lost

"Will someone find me?" you ponder aloud
Laying in the grass, observing the clouds
"Will someone remember me?" you doubt, your curiosity compelled
You close your eyes, your supressed self esteem felled

There's no one out there for you, you're all alone
But the fact of the matter is that your crazy wrong
There are those who care, but you choose to ignore
In your spate of rationalizing your own mental sores

Hey Smiley I just want you to remember

Wait I forgot...what was it?

Oh yea: Happy November