The winds have calmed, the waves are gone, the sand's washed out, the pictures are in, and the memories are made. Still, I toss and turn in my sheets, and you drift through my dreams, the wraith of your smile glancing across my eyes, this fantasy this one instance when all reality suspends and you are mine.

Hold me close, hold me dear, this may be the last embrace that I fear.

And when it's all over and the last words are said, the last glances, the last thoughts of what may have been. I'll smile, because it'll be ok. You'll go off somewhere else, meet someone new and it'll be ok, because I'll say it is. When all is gone, when all is lost, I'll step onto that plane my thoughts drifting, with the slight hope and chance that we'll see each other again.

And then, maybe then, I'll take my stand and reverse what was wrong. Right the crime that I have committed unto myself. And then, maybe then, you'll see me as a man. Not the clowning fool you left that day on the sands, swirling as the flames licked up the remaining evidence of the past we shared. I hope to look you in the eye, and tell you every thing that's on my mind, and I pray that you'll tell me it's alright, that this was the way it was meant to be, for better or for worse, that this was our destiny. And even if you close your eyes, and shake your head, it'll be fine, because at that point I'll be ok, the weight lifted from my chest, my longing allayed. At least you'll know, I'll say, at least you know, and now there's nothing left for me to show.

I promise