Your happy, caring, smiling face

In that old photograph

Makes me miss you more

Especially your laugh

You were an amazing guy

My best friend in this life

But now you're not here anymore

Since you took out that knife

You killed yourself

To ease yourself of the pain

But when I look at this photograph

I know your death was in vain

You'd seen some things

That should never be viewed

And you became depressed

With the occasional good mood

Now as I look at this photograph

I don't know how you smiled

Your whole life shattered

It was like you were in denial

You're the best friend ever

And you'll never be replaced

I finally understand why

You left us with such haste

And as I look at this photograph

A tear trickles down my cheek

A sad, lonely smile is on my face;

The best smile I've had all week

Because it's your face I see

In that old photograph

The face of my best friend

Who could always make me laugh

A/N: inspired by Nickelback's "Photograph" but based on true events that happened in my life. My best friend committed suicide a few weeks ago and this is written about him.

R.I.P. Owen. Best friends forever, that's a promise.