My heart was broken

My heart was broken.

My eyes were wet with the tears that I cry.

You drove me crazy in which I thought no return.

I didn't under stand why you drove me that way.

But still after all you did I still love you.

I never know how you feel you're always quiet and still.

My hear breaks, beats for you and always will.

Your life goes crazy. You grow angry.

But I am still there for you.

What you share with other you share not with me.

When I sleep well, I dream of you and me.

When I have night mares you arrive in them and take me away.

All day every day that is what I see.

I would do, be any thing to see what you see, know what you know, hear what you hear.

When I dream I dream of a love and a life with you.

When I see you every day sitting or standing there my heart pounds with joy.

My stomach flutters around as I yearn to be in your presents.

In you arms I feel safe by the warmth of your embrace.

And still I know not of your heart and your desires.

Your ways are a mystery to me.

Not knowing drives me crazy, insane, and I fell deranged.

You're crazy, wild, and strong. Your ego can be large.

But in the end you know you're not always in charge.

You're sweet and kind. I love that you're all mine.

By you sweet blue eyes that take me in a dayz when I look in them.

I can see far off lands in future, past and present.

Where I dream that you and I could be.

You're every thing to me thou you don't realize I hope one day you will see.

Though my passion I follow you are always along for the ride.

In secret I dream of a future with you.