At one point I was cutting my hair
But this was too painful to think about
Because you were not by me.

I cut my hair, and dyed the tips.
Upon your return, your eyes were shadowed.
I tried something else I didn't mention.

I found a song and played it repeatedly
Despite its offensiveness. It had that wildness
That was borne in our encounters.

There was no control, but it was in hand.
It was out of our hands, but we followed suit-
We followed our nature.

I washed your hair in the sink,
The same one I cut my hair over
And relished your texture, your expression.

The first morning as I brushed my teeth
You smiled and spoke without inhibition
As your sunrise stole my heart.

I was hopeless and full of hope.
Any moment I had you, I held the world.
We felt how time began, unheeded.

Youth is wasted on the young indeed,
And feeling our youth slipping,
The wasting is ever more painful.