Forbidden Wasteland

Don't like warm milk?

Put it close to my heart

For surely there it will freeze.

My heart has frozen over;

it no longer pulses and leaps with joy.

It is as an icy wasteland,

forbidden and forgotten.

Nothing comes in

Nothing goes out.

It is forever winter.

Many try to enter and fail.

The guards are always watching,

a cold look in their eyes,

icier than a thousand glaciers.

Those already in the wasteland

have been there from long before

it was frozen and covered with snow.

And the others?

They were the brave souls

that somehow pushed their way through.

But they all live in the same section,

the part that does not blacken its visitors with frostbite.

Yet there is another section of my heart,

as cold and desolate as an Antarctic rain.

Those who enter will surely freeze and die.

That is why this section is the most heavily guarded of all.

Nothing will ever enter.

Nothing will ever leave.

It wasn't always this way…

My heart once leaped and danced

like the flame of a flickering candle,

Happy and jubilant,

but you just couldn't let it be.

I put a glass over the flame

to save it only for you.

Your love was all that could keep it alive,

But it never got that.

You never took the glass off.

It was dying, didn't you see?

Slowly getting smaller and smaller…



But no one was there to hear it.

You let it die,

it choked to death.

You never knew

You never saw

You were blinded by her.

How could I blame you?

She was beautiful.

She made you happy.

I was just me,

Just a girl

who sealed off her own heart

just for you.

But now it is gone.

It did not die quickly,

it gasped and choked

for a long time.

But you never even noticed.

Now all has frozen

and turned to ice,

I feel nothing for you,

but I wish you happiness.

You never knew the pain you caused,

but I prefer it that way.

No one could ever know what I felt.

So now I am a wasteland

with only the memory of what I used to be.

But someday,

just maybe…

Someone will brave the guards,

trudge through the icy depths,

and remove the glass.

Then, with any luck,

they'll find the match to my heart

and the flame will be there once more.

Though it may start out tiny,

it will grow and grow.

The ice will melt away.

Spring will have finally come.

The land will be restored

and the guards' eyes will once more

be filled with joy.

They will open the walled fortress

and all will be welcome once more.

I don't know if this excites or terrifies me.

So long all I've known

is snow and ice.

What has changed under there?

Buried beneath for so long?

It terrifies me,

but it's a risk I must take

to see the flame again,

dancing and leaping.

I will no longer cover you with glass

oh, Flame

but let you shine with brightest jubilee.

So all will know

the wasteland is no more.