I want you to be extraordinary.
A wizard concocting his newest spell
to prove his almighty powers.

But I think I already am.
A quiet plea of desperation,
a futile attempt to control my life.
His magic renders me powerless.

He chuckles, his eyes exuding
a sense of understanding
because even he was naïve once.

But even in my naiveté I know
I will never match his greatness.
No matter what spell he casts,
I 'll always be an extra ordinary girl
with a cracked discolored wand and
a heart entranced by his essence,
wishing there was enough magic
to make him love ordinary me.

A/N: I had an idea about playing with the word extraordinary and here's what happened. I actually kinda like it. One thing I went back and forth on was italicizing the word ordinary in the last line... ultimately I decided against. Let me know what you think please!