The sun had set, although the day still lingered in its youth

The sun had set, although the day still lingered in its youth. She sat in the corner of her room, dwelling in a darkness of her own. Her tears did nothing for her pain. Though she had cried a river of tears, their release could not ease all the agony raging within her soul. Comfort proved to be impossible for her.

Her heart felt like nothing but a black, empty organ, beating shamelessly inside her worthless body. Nothing remained for her in this life. Nothing. The children laughing outside only deepened her anguish. How could anyone be happy when the pain within her felt unbearable, overwhelming, as though a knife was mercilessly ripping apart the soul dwelling in her weary body. She cried out periodically from the incessant throbbing of her wounded spirit.

She had tried to sleep and dream away the agony, but when she had awoken, it had remained. She felt filthy and used, tossed aside like a dirty old rag that nobody wanted anymore. Deeper within her, the heavy weight of guilt tore at her soul. In spite of herself, she could not help but feel as though she had done something to cause this terrible thing to happen to her.

Shivering, she pulled her knees together, hugging them to herself and trying to stifle a choked sob. Suddenly, a flood of tears overcame her, and she buried her face in her arms, trembling.

Images of the previous night haunted her like savage ghosts trying to seize her life. Try as she might, she could do nothing to block out the memories. Once again, she saw the leering face, the cruel smirk upon his face as he forced her onto the bed. All the sobbing and crying in the world was not enough to stop him when he chose to strip away her innocence, leaving it screaming and pleading in the cold, raw and bleeding. Without any more strength to fight, she had given in helplessly.