A woman's scream.

Hushed voices.

Panicked faces, frightened cries.

A flash of bright light.

Suddenly, there was a noise.

He opened his eyes with a start and stared groggily at the scene before him.

The owner of the orphanage was holding the hand of a young girl with dark hair. Even at his young age of five, he thought that the girl was beautiful. Her huge brown eyes were bloodshot and she was gripping a fine golden chain that hung around her neck.

Miss Deanna gave a pointed look at the boy and walked away, her long brown hair swishing behind her, leaving the sobbing girl in his care. He motioned for her to join him on the floor.

"Why are you crying?" he asked her, more curious than concerned.

"My papa and mama are dead." she replied, her eyes downcast.

"It's okay. My father and mother are dead too..." he said, smiling faintly at her. "But you know... This way, they can watch over you better.

Miss Deanna says that my parents are in heaven and are looking down at me, making sure I'm a good boy. Maybe yours are too. My mother used to get mad at me when I cried. I don't think your parents would want you to cry..."

"Nu-uh! My mama said that crying makes you feel better! We're not supposed to hold it all in or we'll burst!" the girl countered, wiping away her tears.

"Well.. maybe it's because you're a girl and I'm a boy. Boys are supposed to be tougher. Girls are supposed to cry more."

"Really? I guess so.."


They were silent for a while.

"My mama once told me that she would be safe once she got married. She and papa didn't get married... is that why they weren't safe?"

"Well.. my parents were married but they died."

"Oh." She was forlorn once again.

It tore his heart to see her so sad. He felt a strong urge to help her.

Facing the young girl, he said, "If it makes you feel better...let's get married. Maybe it'll keep us safer."

A small smile lighting up her face, she responded with a simple, "Okay."

Outside, Deanna Roshwood smiled to herself as she watched the two exhausted children sleep beside each other. The orphanage was a lonely place for Lucas who had been abandoned there by his uncle.

Although he was kind and sweet, the other orphans living there were much older and didn't have time for him. Maybe the arrival of the new girl would be good.

Mumbling to herself, Deanna concluded, "God knows they need friends in this place.

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