It had been 5 weeks since impact and Caulvine was transmitting the first batch of findings

It had been 5 weeks since impact and Caulvine was transmitting the first batch of findings. The first, and most important thing that Caulvine typed into his transmission slate was their location. The pod, which lay on its side in the mud where it fell, doubled as a communications beacon and a home for the troopers to retreat to when eating or sleeping so none of the robots which patrolled the area saw them.

It was noon and the pod lay where it had fallen amongst a thick forest disguised as a great boulder. Caulvine's comrades sat around on standby while Caulvine activated a simple computer on his suit so he could broadcast his team's first report.

"Caulvine Moorus, Blackout Trooper, Lazarus 13" Caulvine said to the slate and his voice was broadcast. "Upon arrival onto this world my chaps and I noticed the sun first. Using our telescopes we took this photograph". He uploaded a photograph into the slate from a machine on his arm which would be visible by anyone who got the message. He knew it depicted the surface of the sun viewed through a powerful sight. Through it one could see a massive metal grid hundreds of square miles in area positioned in the stationary orbit above the sun. This epic grid had not been present when Lazarus 13 was in human hands.

"Grid spotted by team. Function unknown. Too far away to make observances on its activities if any" Caulvine continued. "Upon day three this video was taken" he uploaded a short piece of film onto the slate. "Purpose for activity unknown" Caulvine stated, talking to someone who had just seen the footage. He looked up at his surviving team, three of them, and sighed.

"On day thirty-one team was moving through an unidentified suburban area, residential buildings, and looking for signs of robotic occupation when a squad of robot infantry approached us. When we gave no response they opened fire. Four of the team survived". Caulvine turned on his helmcam and prepared to upload footage of the ambush into the slate when he was interrupted.

"Caulvine, get down" whispered one of his fellows. Caulvine ducked down into the trees that surrounded the pod. Caulvine stuck his head out and scanned the trees intently.

"What do you see?" Caulvine whispered.