Run through the halls

Don't Forget

Run through the halls

Deepening in the gloom

Heavy on your heart

Weighed down by memories

See her smile

Beautiful as an angel's

Hate yourself

You're endangering her

Remember the laughter

Soothe your pain

Try to stop the tears

With a useless tug of your lips

You were so young

Young as they were

But you were so old

Wise beyond your years

You knew of death

You were its messenger

But you had never felt it before

Never known what it was like

His face, her face

Are shadowed by swaying leaves

The leaves which lie

Broken and dead upon the red ground

They came for you

Angry in their pain

They sought to teach you

The agony of the ones who should have died

The gun shots

Familiar to your ears

Suddenly bone-chilling

Dulled screams strangely sharp in your mind

You were a murderer

A hired assassin

Talented and promising

Hopeless and cold

Her lips were tainted

Red as the blood

That spilled from them

Robbing her of her last breath

He shielded her and you

As he always had

Taking the blows

As he always had

You wanted to push him away

To cry and to scream

You had a gun

Always carried it with you

But you were scared

Too used to hiding

To pretending

You weren't yourself

And for the first time

You saw

Really saw


You saw it in blank eyes

Always alive with joy

You felt it in cold hands

Always so warm

You killed them all

Crying and sobbing without control

People say you are numb when someone dies

That you can't even cry

You learned that they were wrong

At least

They were wrong about you

They were always wrong about you

You killed them all

Souls as ravaged by grief as yours

You sent them to that place with so many names

You know it doesn't exist

You know

That death does not mean Heaven

Death means cold and dark

Death only ever meant death

You held the pain

They passed to you

Held it in place of that emptiness

Where you once kept your heart

You threw away the gun

Cut all contact with that underworld

Of shadow

Your domain

You wiped the blood of the walls

Tried to brighten the corridors

Those yawning voids

Those bare halls

I think you knew

Even as you tried not to know

That nothing would change

Those halls would forever be dark in you heart

I think you knew

Even as you tried to forget and to move on

That we carry the past inside us

That one thing we never lose is our memories

Run through the halls

Deepening in the gloom

Heavy on your heart

Weighed down by memories


Don't try to forget

Move on

Don't leave them behind

Keep them alive

Although you believe they're dead

As long as you remember

As long as someone remembers

They are still there.