Where did all the good times go?
When you all just went to watch the show
Instead of being centre stage
Did we all just have to grow?

A thousand years of harsh regimes
There'll be no record of your dreams
Nobody to carry on your play
Or at least that's how it seems.

Will all your loves just slip away
Forgotten with St Valentine's Day
Until nothing more is left?
Perhaps, though, all that is okay?

Your friend, he's half-drowned in his booze
He thinks he's nothing left to lose
Is he right that you're not with him
Or have you left him any clues?

You order just one more strong drink
But before you can, you stop and think
Maybe solace can't be found
And it's best to pour it down the sink.

Your enemy, he's found his rhythm
Cleaning glasses in his prison
You don't hate him any more
But there's no light for the prism.

And now there's a girl on down the road
Who's convinced the hand she needs to hold
Is close to her, but you're so far away
How bittersweet! How cold!

We all remember you and her together;
Did no one understand forever
Is not so long a time
While you're lying in her heather?

It's the last act where you prove your worth
But the isles are already filling up with mirth
You forgot your bloody lines again
Is it your Christening, funeral, or Virgin Birth?

Just before you come to see me
You lean on an old sequoia tree
How long has this been here
And is it very far to the sea?

You left your friends now long ago
In their glasses, or at the show
They don't miss you any more
Perhaps, my friend, it's time to go?

Who is the last person you think of?
Your mother, friends or lack thereof?
Or is it that old wild card
The girl you were scared to love?

My dear friend, there was no such fling
Let us leave, take up your wings
Why did you ever think
You could do most anything?

Now it's time to say goodbye
Eternity passes before your reply
And perhaps you're right
When you say that nothing really dies.

Buy a ticket, sit at the back
Who knows? Might even be a laugh
To be in the audience again
Since you cannot find the staff.

All the way on down the hall
The actors have you in their thrall
They you remind you of many women
But never her at all.

You may be entranced by their dark cabaret
And untouched (at last!) by fear of age
But on the very bright side
At least you're down now off the stage.

And as the actors take their bow
A hand closes on your hand now
You remember those fingers!
But you can't remember how.

Is it your old enemy, your friend
Or your love? It all depends
On who you're willing to see
At this, the end of ends.