The origin of names

Ever wondered where your name came from, what it meant and how it came about?

Let's delve into the origins of the many famous names, and find out!


Once upon a time, in a remote country lived a king. He was a very brave man and loved his people. Every time there was a major natural disaster, he would put it to his own hands, travelling to the affected area in order to direct their recovery.

And each time, on his return trip to his castle, his citizens would cheer, "Hurray for the king!"

As time passed on, the king aged, and more importantly had his first son. He prayed to the gods, believing it must have been a late gift for his contributions to his people. Grateful as he was, he had his advisor summoned to aid him in coming up with a brilliant name.

After a long list of names had been rejected by the king, the advisor decided to gave it a final attempt before taking leave.

"Henry," his advisor said in a cold stern voice.

His child had been born half an hour ago, and announced as a male. As a king though, he thought, he could not embrace his first son without a name for him.

"What of thee chickens, my advisor? Excuse me. My son, a farmer?" replied the king, constantly walking up and down in the large hall as he counted down to meeting with his son.

"Not chickens, my lord. It is not pronounced hen, but hon, as in honor. "

"Ah! Hon-ray. Interesting, indeed." The king stopped for a moment, deep in thought.

"It is also similar to what our people calls my lord. Henry sounds very close to thee word hurray."

"It is too. Brilliant! Henry the king. It is settled then. Let us head down to meet my queen." The king laughed in joy, anticipating what his new son would bring.

Author's Notes:

For those that will ask, yes I have read about the true meaning behind some names. Each word has a meaning. After all, this is a fiction, not an attempt to copy out an encyclopaedia/dictionary. If you think that the name deserves a better story, fear not – write your own.

Hence, each entry will contain a story about the origin of a particular name. It might be very short, it might be long. It's just a little fun thing I thought about doing whilst trying to think about how to write/edit my other stories. I'll try to give each entry a different feel too.

Lastly, for those that want to suggest a name to be talk about, feel free to do so. This surely feels like one of those challenges somewhere.

Thanks for reading and will thank you for reviewing. Cheers!