The origin of names


This particular incident occurred in 1971, Hong Kong, China.

I was walking up and down in a particular corridor of the Royal Prince Hospital, waiting for my child to be born. What else could an anxious father do but wait? It was not like we could give birth for god's sake! Waiting for results was surely worse than being the actual one going about it.

So as I continued to jump about, another man suddenly bumped into me.

"Jaw Ju Sie," he said as he dashed passed me.

Sigh, people these days – where were their manners? Oh, I almost forgot, we're in Hong Kong. I should explain that Jaw Ju literally translated to being in someone's way and Sie just added to the phrase possibly to make it sound right. Hey! It wasn't my native language. I was a foreigner. Their situation, I could understand, but the way they reacted, I could not approve. Oh who gives... hurry up my son!

Hence, I continued to wait, watching nurses and doctors fly pass.

Moments later, another man ran pass me, saying, "Mm ho jaw ju sie are."

Mm ho meant don't. And are were equivalent to things like Geez, I think.

And it was this very moment that I knew what I was after. I was after a man that was in everyone's way. That was it, a man that was in everyone's way could be no other than the greatest ruler – kings were the most busy-bodies in terms of getting into people's ways.

And thus when my wife first held our child in her hands many days later, I told her, "His name is George."

"Is there a particular reason?" she asked.

"Because of geor-ge."

Author's Notes:

No worries, female names will exist. I'm more eager to do female names actually, especially the ones that sound cool. First one that comes to mind (except the real one deep under) is Ayuki. Now that one's hard.

I knew someone called Yuki at school (I seriously did). There was only 1 Yuki, and I said "There is a Yuki over there..." to my friendand hence I coined the name Ayuki.