Summary : "Stalker." "Am not." "Then how do you know who I am?" "Who doesn't?" "Not a stalker." "You're 'popular'," I said using air quotes. "And you're a loner," he said simply. "Does it look like I give a damn about being a loner?" "Does it look like I give a damn about popularity?"

That Stupid Idiot : Prologue : Monday, August 27

"I want a schedule change!" I demanded, slamming my schedule on Mrs. Dixon's desk.

It was the first day of school and I was already irritated with the stupid school system.

Mrs. Dixon quirked an eyebrow, slightly amused at my demands, and asked, "How come, Susanna?"

"Because I don't want to take most of these classes," I shouted.

Principal Trent shrugged and said, "I don't see a problem with your classes."

I wanted to strangle Mrs. Dixon right then and there, but Principal Trent was in the office. He could easily take me on. He may be old, but his muscles did not cease. He's a former body builder and I don't want to mess with him. One look of that picture in his office of him in the younger days would make you want to back down from a fight with him.

"I don't like Biology. What if I have to dissect stuff? And English? I already know English! Don't you hear me speaking it right now?!" I exclaimed. "And do you know what the worse thing on my schedule is? SEX ED! I want to take a language class!"

"I believe that all those classes are good for you. They will make you work harder and you will learn so many new things," Mrs. Dixon said. "And I believe that Sex Ed is a wonderful class for hormonal teenagers."

"I'll still work hard if I don't have all these classes!" I defended, ignoring the last thing she said.

She let out a soft chuckle. "Your report card from last year were scattered with C's and D's."

"No, C's and B's," I said and she just laughed.

"You'll be late for homeroom," she smiled and shooed me out.

I let out a frustrated scream before exiting. All the workers in the office gave me a strange looks as I stormed out of the counseling office. Oh, how wicked Mrs. Dixon was. But who knew that I would end up thanking and hating her for not allowing me to change my classes. Especially Sex Ed.

Name : Susanna Raine Daunter Gender : Female Grade : 10 - Sophomore

Principal : Richard Trent Counselor : Mrs. Dixon

Period : Subject : Teacher : Room

0 - Homeroom - Ms. Vicky - 210

1 - Physical Education - Ms. Willow - Gymnasium

2 - Algebra 2 - Mr. Wong - 310

3 - Biology - Mr. DeEller - 321

4 - Lunch B - Cafeteria

5 - U.S History - Mr. Fawner - 308

6 - English 2 - Ms. Luppa - 316

7 - Sex Ed - Mrs. Hipodoger - 216