That Stupid Idiot: Epilogue: Saturday: Two years later


I ignored the familiar voice that didn't seem to want to leave my mind. I rolled onto my side and released Mr. Bear (the teddy bear that Justin gave me one Christmas) from my tight hug. I wrapped my warm covers around me and dug my head into one of my many pillows on my bed.

"You're so handsome, chocolate…" I murmured to myself.

"But Justin's more handsome than chocolate, right?"


"But you love Justin."

"I love chocolate."

"But you love Justin more."


"You better be kidding."

I froze. I was starting to realize that the familiar voice that was talking to me wasn't apart of my dream. I slowly opened my eyes, trying to adjust to the light…though I don't remember leaving the lights on when I went to sleep. I ignored my thoughts and opened my eyes fully. And the second I saw what was in front of me, sitting on a chair, I almost fell out of my bed and onto the ground. Almost.

"You love chocolate more than me?" Justin looked appalled.

What's he doing here?

"I'm dreaming right?" I asked.

Justin leaned over and kissed my forehead. "Nope."

I blinked several times, making sure that I really wasn't dreaming. I shut my eyes and counted to ten before opening them again. I let out a groan when I realized that this was reality. Justin really was sitting in a chair beside my bed with one of my textbooks opened up on his lap. In one hand, he was holding up several pieces of paper and in the other, he was holding a pencil.

"This one's wrong too," Justin said, tilting his head to the side.

I narrowed my eyes at the paper he was looking at. "Is that my homework?"

Justin grinned at me as I sat up. "Of course it is. It's impossible for me to get this many wrong answers."

I glared at him and snatched the papers out of his hands. "For your information, I thought I did a really good job on my homework, especially since I was doing it at one in the morning." I paused for a second when I realized something. "How did you get in here?"

"Aunt Becca let me in before she left for work," Justin explained.

I grumbled to myself. I swear, Aunt Becca's trying to invade my sleeping time. After all, she did let Justin in. And because of that, my sleeping time was cut short. By three hours. You know, Aunt Becca, a seventeen year old girl like me needs all the sleep she can get.

"You got this one wrong too," Justin said.

I hadn't even realized that he took the papers back.

"You know-" I started but got cut short.

"I love you too," Justin smiled and pecked me on the lips. "You should go brush your teeth."

"Are you implying that my breathe stinks?" I said, glaring at my boyfriend.

My boyfriend of two years already.

Sometimes, when I think about how long we've been together, it surprises me because we have this somewhat long distance relationship. He was an eighteen year old guy attending college (which was a three hour drive away from my house but he would always waste his gas to visit me once a week) while I was still stuck in the same old high school, trying to get by my last year.

"Absolutely," Justin said, grinning at me. "Just being honest, Angel."

I let out a sigh.

I can't help but love this guy. Love how he always constantly shows me that he cares about me. Love the way he gives me kisses at the most random times. Love the way he makes me want to throw him into an ocean full of man-eating sharks at one moment and to just shooting deadly arrows at him the next. Love the way he-

Justin scanned my room. "Did your room get messier?"

I let out a huff. "I cleaned it yesterday."

"Hm," Justin said. "It looks worse."

A second later, I was grabbing pillows off of my bed and throwing it at him.

From the corner of my eye, I saw Zach poke his head inside my room.

"She's throwing pillows at Justin," I heard Zach say.

"Who cares?!" As I stopped throwing pillows at Justin, my bedroom door was kicked opened by Kyle.

"We're here to visit her, not break her door," Stacy said to Kyle.

Kyle flashed Stacy a smile and threw an arm around her shoulder, saying something on the lines of 'If we broke her door, it would be easier to get into her room, since she always locks it when we visit her on her sleeping day'. Stacy laughed at that. Though Kyle and Stacy broke up a few months ago, due to the both of them loosing feelings for each other, they were still good friends.

"We're coming in!" Aaron announced.

A second later, Kyle, Zach, Hayden, Aaron, Stacy, and Lucy were making their way into my room. They would visit me (and of course, their parents and the rest of their families who live in this city) once a month-sometimes even twice a month, but they don't usually come all together at one time.

Surprisingly, Justin and the rest of the guys, ended up going to the same college (what are the odds)-the college, I found out later on, that they have all wanted to go to since the end of middle school. Lucy attended an art school and Stacy went to a college in a nearby city.

Natalie, Luna, and the rest of them? I don't know where they ended up.

But I know that Natalie is still with that boyfriend of hers, whom I never bothered to know the name of. I just stick to calling him Mr. Blondie. One time, when I was visiting my Dad in Michigan, I asked him about Natalie and he told me that Natalie was his boss's daughter and that she was one of the nicest girls he has ever met. I don't know about Natalie being nice when I first met her, but over the years, she has gotten nicer. I say, her boyfriend had changed her, in a good way.

And all the way back when I was still a sophomore, I had gotten my revenge on Luna, Violet, Carly, and Sally for blaming me for the textbook incident. The day the came back after their suspension was over, water balloons were flying from all sides, attacking them. What a fun, fun, fun day.

As everyone entered my room, they greeted me with 'Morning' and things like that. I mentally slapped myself for forgetting that they were coming today. I knew I should've moved my wardrobe in front of my door. That way, they wouldn't have a way to enter my room and disturb my slumber.

"How did you guys get in?" I asked them.

Tally strolled into my room, smiling at me. "You're out of microwavable food."

Yes, Aunt Becca and I were still living off of microwavable food (which is very unhealthy).

It makes me miss take-out food. I think Aunt Becca does too.

"You let them in?" I said, glaring at Tally. She had a key to my apartment since she made it her personally mission to wake me up every single morning on a school day. Plus, sometimes she would drive me to school (a year ago, she ended up transferring to my school; she said, and I quote 'my school got boring').

"I was forced to," Tally said.

I raised an eyebrow at her. "What did they give you?"

"One dollar… each," Tally grinned.

Bribed by one dollar bills…I should've known.

I forced the edges of my lips to twitch upwards into a smile. I jumped off of my bed and headed towards my closet. Everyone was staring at me in confusion, wondering what I was doing. I opened up my closet and smiled at the pile of stuffed animals that were easily reachable for days like these.

I grabbed about four stuffed animals before turning around. By now, everyone knew what I was about to do and was searching for cover. I counted to three before I launched stuff edanimals at all of them while shouting, "Get out of my room! All of you are bugging into my sleeping time!"

Soon, there was a stuffed animal war going on.

I watched with interest as Hayden and Aaron sang the Mission Impossible theme song while the both of them slowly and stealthy walked towards Lucy. They both had stuffed animals in their head and they were both aiming for Lucy's head. They both threw the stuffed animals and…Hayden's shot missed but Aaron got her.

Huh. I guess being great at football pays off during a stuffed animal war.

"Oof," I muttered when a stuffed animal smacked my face.

From a small distance, I saw Kyle sticking his tongue out at me. Before I was able to get him back, Justin appeared in front of me with a smile on his face. He kissed me and it wasn't like those kisses that you see in the movies where the kisser looks like their practically eating you. His kiss was sweet and light like a feather. The kind of kiss that makes your knees weak and all warm inside-like what eating the best chocolate in the world does to you.

Yum, yum, chocolate…

As he pulled away, with me in a daze, he threw a stuff animal at my face-which of course, brought me out of my dreamy state. I glared at him and picked up the biggest stuff animal that I have (which was a whale that Justin had won for me at a carnival) from the ground and started chasing him around with it.

I halted in my step when Justin stopped running and turned around to face me.

"Truce?" Justin asked me, giving me one of his heart melting smiles.

I smiled, tippy-toed, and kissed his lips swiftly before hitting him with the stuffed animal.

Author's Note : Woo! It's over. That Stupid Idiot is now complete :). This is the first story that I have ever written and completed (I feel so proud of myself. Lol). There are a few parts of this story that I'm not happy about, but it's fine for now. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go back and change a few things. And nope, there won't be a sequel to this story. I'm currently working on another story, though. :)

Anyway! Thank you, to everyone-for all the reviews, for taking the time out of your day to read this story, and for reading this author's note. It really means a lot to me :). And thank you, thank you, thank you to my absolutely amazing beta reader, VELVETxKISSES-for everything. Your awesome :D.

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