I haven't posted anything in awhile...school and loads of other stuff kind of drained my creativity :\ This idea has been in my head for awhile; I tried doing a short story first, then I came across a playwriting competition that required the play to be focused on some sort of disability, and...this came out. (I missed the deadline, but oh well.)

All comments, suggestions, real-life experiences are more than welcome :)


A Play


Sarah, a sixteen-year-old former figure skater grappling with her paraplegia

Doctor 1, in charge of Sarah's recovery, can be portrayed by a male or female actor

Mrs. Jones, Sarah's mother, who has devoted much of her life to Sarah's skating

Mr. Jones, Sarah's father, an average middle-class man, supportive of his family

Betty, an elderly woman sharing the hospital room with Sarah



2 Orderly

Lauren, one of Sarah's friends from the rink

Julie, a five-year-old girl whom Sarah meets at the ice rink

Scene 1

Setting: The stage is dark. On stage right, seated on opposite sides of DOCTOR 1's desk, DOCTOR 1, MRS. JONES, and MR. JONES. MRS. JONES has her wrist bandaged. Through the darkness, SARAH speaks matter-of-factly, with a slight hint of wistfulness.

SARAH: Ice. I'll never forget when I took my first faltering steps on it in my brown rental skates. I was only four years old, but I knew that I had fallen in love. That one skating session turned into group lessons, then a private coach, then long hours at the rink, competitions, beautiful sequined dresses. I had become a figure skater. (Lights slowly begin to come up on stage right. Sounds of a car veering off the road and crashing) But then—a patch of black ice one January morning—as I was going to the rink—a crash…

DOCTOR 1: Thank you for coming in, Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Sarah has been making progress. (A slightly uncomfortable pause) But the radiologist and I took a look at her X-rays, and I…in the accident, Sarah's spinal cord was injured…right here. (The DOCTOR turns an X-ray toward SARAH's PARENTS and points out the location) The thoracic level. Sarah will still have full use of her upper body. But below the hips, she has lost motor and sensory function. (MRS. JONES crumples against her husband, quietly absorbing the news. MR. JONES tries to console her, then addresses the DOCTOR.)

MR. JONES: There's—nothing that you can do?

DOCTOR 1: We've tried everything we can. She will need to be in a wheelchair, have physical therapy sessions. I'm so sorry. (The lights fade.)

Scene 2

Setting: The same day. SARAH's hospital room, center stage. SARAH is sleeping. Nearby are a couple of chairs. Upstage from the bed, a curtain divider separates SARAH from BETTY.

As the lights come up, MR. and MRS. JONES enter. They pull chairs closer to SARAH's bed and sit down. Gently, MRS. JONES touches her daughter's hand. SARAH awakens, but is too feeble to move.

SARAH: (her voice a croak) Mom? (MR. and MRS. JONES quickly stand up.)

MRS. JONES: Yes, dear? We're both here.

SARAH: Did you talk to the doctor?


SARAH: I'll be alright, right? (She manages a smile) I haven't landed my double axel yet. I told you, and Dad, and Coach that I was gonna do it. (Her PARENTS look at each other. Quick fade to black.)