Scene 6

Setting: The ice skating rink. A long metal bench is downstage center, right in front of the imaginary rink. From time to time, skaters, coaches, and parents walk by.

SARAH: (Off-stage) You know that chain e-mail that goes around, with things about how silly the United States is? I always laughed at the part about ice rinks not needing handicapped parking spaces. But as soon as I was discharged, for once, my rink had one of the handicapped spaces filled.

(SARAH and MRS. JONES enter. SARAH is delighted to be back in the atmosphere of the skating rink, but her MOTHER is somewhat nervous.)

MRS. JONES: Sarah, you're sure you—

SARAH: Mom. I need to be here. Just to watch.

MRS. JONES: Alright. I have some errands I need to run. I'll come back in about half an hour?

SARAH: Sounds good.

MRS. JONES leaves. LAUREN spots SARAH and runs over.

LAUREN: Sarah!

SARAH: Lauren! (The two hug) Hey!

LAUREN: Oh my gosh, how've you been? We've all missed you so much. Any chance of… (gestures toward SARAH's legs)

SARAH: What? (looks down) Oh…no.

LAUREN: Oh, I'm so sorry. Um, I have to go to my lesson now, but how about we grab a hot chocolate later?

SARAH: Yeah, yeah, that sounds good.

LAUREN exits. SARAH watches the skaters wistfully. She pulls out the journal and jots a few things down. A YOUNG GIRL enters, clad in sweatpants and an oversized hockey jersey. She watches the figure skaters in awe, once in awhile attempting jumps and spins. After awhile:

SARAH: Hey, what's your name?

GIRL: Julie.

SARAH: Do you figure skate?

JULIE: (shaking her head) No. My brothers all play hockey.

SARAH: And you're going to join them?

JULIE: (shrugging) Probably. But I want to be like them. (stops, looks at SARAH's wheelchair curiously) What are you doing here?

SARAH: Me? Well, I… (her voice falters for a second) I used to be a figure skater. Not anymore though. Hey, you know what? (She pulls out her phone and calls her MOTHER) Hey, Mom. You know my old skates? The ones I had when I was little. Yeah, do you mind bringing them when you come to pick me up? They should be in my room. Alright, thanks. Love you, bye. (hangs up) Julie, where are your parents? Maybe I can convince them to let you start figure skating.

JULIE: (her face lighting up) Really? Come on, they're over here…

SARAH follows JULIE offstage.

Scene 7

Setting: The stage is empty, except for SARAH at center stage, with a small table next to her.

SARAH: My legs—they won't come back, unless, in the future, there is some astounding medical breakthrough. But until then, I have my family, my memories, my imagination, my pen, my paper. They're the constants now. (A little self-consciously) I'm…writing a story now. Kind of auto-biographical. (Pauses a bit before reading from her journal. As she reads, the lights slowly fade to black.) "Ice. I'll never forget when I took my first faltering steps on it in my brown rental skates. I was only four years old, but I knew that I had fallen in love."