(Dedicated to my Uncle)

What you took from a dying old lady.
And stole from her in that bed
Gasping through her every breath
To sign another thing again
Passing over all her stuff
Because more stuff was not enough
Every fancy car you drove
And every stock you sold
With each and every breath you took
You were always bought and sold
Consoled you to your destiny
A cancer grew to know you well
And even though it didn't win
Eventually it will and then
And then you'll have to answer her
For every thing you stole
That you never needed any of it
And it will not go with you tomorrow
When he comes laughing at your door.
But of all that you stole - all you took
No more in greed or signed by book
What you indeed stole from her
Was far more despicable than anything
Another day to live, to breath
Another day to know us, to know me.
They say there is no time for hate
Too much energy spent holding grudges
That everything is meant to be
And so I guess they're right on this
I hold my hands up wondering why
How someone could be so devoid
Of human life and consciousness
And then I realized in that moment
That you compiled the minds of men
The same men who run this country
That govern the life of my family
The investors, the upper one percent
Who tell us what we can eat and breath
How much our oil and interest rates will be
And I realize we are all in that bed
Gasping for every breath
Begging you to go away
And leave us to liveā€¦one more day.