I could melt in the rain,

Being in your arms i'm at my happiest,

I don't care how it ends,

Just let us stay together,

Its so cold outside,

But in your arms i'm warm,

Don't let go,

Its cold without you,

Hold me tight,

Tell me,

It will be alright,

I can hear through your lies,

But I just nod,

Letting your silky voice soothe me,

"I love you",

Thats all I can say as you storke the hair off of my face,

Your voice brings me back,

"You ready?",

In response I tilt my head back,

Showing my neck,

"Just do one one more favor.",

I couldn't finish,

your teeth sank into me,

I feel dizzy,

I fall and land on theground,

I know I'm dead,

I hear one dry sob,

and I'm gone forever.