i just tryed to help,

i shouldn't have,

next time,


theres not going to be a next time,

but if there was,

i'll say,

solve it yourself,

i'm struggling with the world,

on my shoulders,

just let me be,

i hate you,

your not perfect,

no one envies you,

stop dreaming,

your boyfriend probably cheats,

i don't blame him,

you ugly,

but you act as if you own the world,

the world thats on my shoulders,

i walk away,


i'll be the adult,

until the world moves,

then you best run,

you not my best friend.

you never was,

i just felt sorry for you,


thats all,

but i get just a bit connected,

and you pull,

i catch the world in time,

but mine is shattered,


your now my enemy.