i hate you,

that simple really,

just because your to,


just grow up,

face the real world,

im your only friend out there,

the friend who cryed,

with you,

just so you wouldn't be alone,

the friend who laughed,

with you,

because you was happy,

but now im an enemy?

who tried to introduce the world,

just because i'm young,

you think i know nothing,

i've seen it happen,

what relationships do,

but im still the enemy,

and the friend,

who told you not to,

just dump him,

you don't want any one to get hurt,

you say,

well whae did you do to me?

im the enemy,



it must have been hard,

your best friend,

since birth,

or you boyfriend for a year,

you know what you desevre it,

when he breaks your heart,

dont turn on me,

i'll laugh,

and walk away,


i hate you now.