Talking about characters is a sensitive subject for most writers and its understandably so... who really wants to hear something that "precious" is just a piece of crap scrapped off the mind and written down on paper. I know I would hate to hear that. However, it is truly sad to say that it is true of many people's work of creations.

You, I, they, everyone spends so much on this person or group of people and when we're ready, we let them go off into the cruel world of fiction where not only will they probably have their head smashed in by their enemies but where they will be burned by the devastating flames of reviews.

Sometimes those fierce burning reviews come in flocks, some every blue moon, and then there could be that ONE review. Oh... that one review... it is the review that NO ONE, I dare not even those with the strongest of hearts to read... and those feint of heart, bless your soul for you may never be the writer you once were, the writer who used to update once a week and dear lord, you talked the IM's mechanical ears off about the story. However, the person whose work you respected the most has downhearted you and now, you find yourself here.

I won't describe the hurt and pain for those who already went through because you have no need to be reminded and besides, this isn't an essay about bad reviews.

This is about improving your writing style and making your characters believable.. even to you (if you haven't accepted that is probably a problem)!

This first part of this essay that I'll write every week will be about characters until I feel that we are all ready to move on to the big leagues.

However, as I go on with this essay, I suggest that you recommend me to read your stories in your review. I will then read and review your stories and add the review to my next chapter and a preview to that story. I will either congratulate you greatly or I'll give you many pointers with some honest compliments. Isn't that nice?

The idea is that everyone will begin to help one another (me included ) and for all of us to become as one nice community of writers all about getting better (okay, not really... just sounded nice to say JK hehe).

So, here's how this essay thing will until I decide to add some changes.

Introduction To Character

Part 1: Characters

A: Making Your Characters

Good Guy

Bad Guy

Comic Relief

Mary Sues?

B: Motives

C: In Your Story

D: RPGing with your characters

Introduction To Settings

Part 2: Setting

A: Why Does It Matter?

B: Does the type of story affect Setting?

C: Keep It Interesting

D: Make It Match

E: Story Behind It

Introduction To Genre/Plot

Part 3: Genre/Plot

A Choosing A Genre

Why it matters

Choosing Characters and Setting Matters





C. Keep To It

Introduction To Interaction

Part 4: Interaction


Keep It Real Serenely for Eternity

B. Different People, different reaction


C. Curse of the unKIRSE

Do I have the symptoms?

Introduction To The Beginning of the End

Part 5: Beginning Might Be Your Ending

A. Prologue

Creation Days: How it Should Begin

B. The Beginning


C. The Ending

3. How It Should Be Remembered

I'm sure they'll be more but that is to whet your tongue. You can however pitch you ideas that you want me to write about in a review though and I promise I will try to keep every subject interesting. Oh I forgot about the subjects of "summary" and "title". I'll write about that too.