Quo vadis, Anima Nigra?

Whither goest thou, O Pilgrim of the Shadows?

Is the light too pure for thee, or sound of quiet too harsh?

I watched thee walking through day, but in night.

Thou shalt not fear the terror of the night,

But under whose wings thy shelter?

The Shadow overcomes thee…

Traditus sum, et non egrediebar :

Oculi mei languerunt prae inopia.

The Fall is hard; lo! Rising again harder still.

What bottom can be found to rise?

What vows will be paid upon the hill?

I know the answer, but thou wilt not hear.

Where, then, to go without a map;

A course set in Death,

Of skulls sunken in their debt?

Quo vadis, Amatrix Umbrae?

Would that thou take me with thy spirit,

Where it is cool, and the breeze disturbeth not.

But tell me this about thy destination:

Hath it brutish clamor, or mad'ning quiet?

Quo vadis, Anima Tenebrae?

Toujours tu te diriges avec un semble morose.

Je voudrais voir de toi un rire ou risse.

Mais l'ombre te conduit avec grâce,

Et je n'ai pas du cœur pour commander.

Quis es, Amica Mea ?

Seekest thou this wound upon thy soul?

Fool! You fool! I seek not pardon for truth,

For I have known Folly, and you court him well.

Et sum…?

I can no longer follow in the dark;

For into the light have I cast myself.

I would not waste my effort!

I would not thou waste thine!

What strength have I to reach into the torrent?

I can but drink by the wayside,

I must lift up my head.

Fortisan aqua absorbuisset nos.

Go thou thy way; I shall wait.

May thy road let you not forget;

What was paved for thee is false,

For thy path is thy own.

Vale, Anima Nigra, cor tuum perdidisti.