Full Summary: Kihnari is a young girl. She lives with her mother & has a quiet personality. You could say she's more of an outcast... The best thing about her life is her dreams. What happens when she meets a boy in her dreams and he soon starts to become a reality? What happens when he teaches her things she thought she could never learn? Will he be someone she can learn to trust? And what's all this about having to save the dream world?

Chapter I

The Nightmare of This Reality is My Life

Have you ever wanted to get away? To find your own world and live it the way you want? Have you ever just wanted to be your own person and get away from everything else? I can—in fact, everyone can. You just have to imagine it, feel it, dream it, and create it. It's such a wonderful feeling…

Kihnari closed her journal and placed it under her pillow. She lay down in her bed and closed her eyes, wandering off into rest. Her body laid comfortably as a feeling of warmth befell her body…

"Kihnari!" She heard a voice and her eyes shot open, to see a vast far plain. It looked as if there were almost no end to it. Its grassy fields were bright ivy green, which glowed almost to perfection. The sky was a bright, baby blue with clearness throughout its depths, without clouds to disrupt its vivid depth.

She was sitting in a tree above flowers. They were wondrous, with undying beauty. Along with the grass, they too, had an essence glow that was given off; they were a shining, bright yellow and they danced through the jouncing breezes. She smiled and pulled her hand through her hair; she flipped her head and it lay neatly on her shoulders—it looked naturally light blue that would put the skies in reality to shame. Her body type was quite thin, a bit less than average, and her cheekbones poked through her skin as if no barrier was there between it itself and her bones. She gently rocked her legs up and down while on the tree and jumped. Landing in a soft patch of glowing daises that circled the tree, she dusted off the back of her tight-fitting dress.

"Kihnari!" She heard the voice once more. She wondered through the fields searching for the one who called her name. Her blue hair bounced flowingly as she ran through the glowing field, with her small-boned arms and hands waving by her sides giving her a girlish touch.

She ran through the fields acting as if the joy would never leave her body; you could see it shivering through the brightness of her blue eyes. As she ran she felt a presence behind her. She turned, and a face struck through her vision.

"K—Kaiyukeh…" Kihnari stuttered.

The girl ran off without a single goodbye; she seemed to be laughing as she ran, smiling with joy. A tear ran down Kihnari's cheek. "It's good to see you again," she whispered to herself. Kihnari ran after the girl whose laughing faded by the moment. As she ran, she felt her body growing cold and the scenery faded into a black abyss. Shadows befell the bright sky and the glowing field around her. The flowers gloomed over as if a sudden drought had suddenly come before them. Kihnari stopped dead in her tracks and began run the other way—but there was nowhere to run…

"Kaiyukeh!" She screamed out into the dark.

She then began to hear ringing sounds… they were, at first faint, and then they grew louder.

Ring, ring…

Ring, ring!

Kihnari opened her eyes to see the ceiling of her bedroom. "The worst part of a dream," she whispered to herself, "is a nightmare." She turned off her alarm and reached behind her pillow, grabbing her journal. She pulled a pen from her desk drawer and began to write:

Hello, again. I just had this dream… slash nightmare, whatever, but I saw… my sister… She looked so happy, and she was—smiling. For the first time in my life, I had never been so happy myself… It was great just being able to see her again. It felt so real! Well, almost real… Everything in my dream seemed to be going perfectly, and then—everything turned to darkness… I'm not quite sure what occurred but at least I left on a good note, correct?

Kihnari put the journal back under her pillow and went straight to her closet. She threw on the only thing she could—her school uniform. Some people wear some jewelry or add their own flair to his or her own outfit, but Kihnari didn't. She just liked being plain, so maybe no one would notice her. She felt that it was better this way, so maybe she could sit there alone and just be invisible… she always seemed to have that effect since she wasn't an artificial beauty; she stayed all natural. Her features aren't drastic or sharp; they're more rounded and blended. Her facial structure adds to this profoundly.

Kihnari went downstairs and grabbed some toast from the table and headed towards the door. She didn't even stop to say anything to her mother.

"No goodbye or hug, Kihnari?" Her mother smiled. Kihnari turned to her with a slight facial expression. "Bye, mom." She let out just to suppress her mother's need for affection.

She then headed out the door to the garage to grab her bike. It was pink so it just went right all with her outfit; it just seemed like a coincidence to her. For her uniform had a light pink, button up, cotton shirt. She wore a ruby red scarf that wrapped neatly around her collar and tied in a clean bow at the front. Her skirt was a hot pink plaid that mixed with white and came clear down to the upper part of her knees. She wore her plain, white socks up high with her light brown loafers and it all matched pretty well. Not like she much cared anyway.

She swung her suede, brown bag over her shoulders and hopped on her bike and went off. It didn't take her long to get to school considering it was only a mile away. She pedaled hard and reached the school in no time; just this little mile a day can keep a girl in pretty good shape—at least for Kihnari that is. Her body was naturally tiny, and with her long, dark blue hair, it made her look even thinner.

When she arrived at the schoolyard she parked her bike on the side of the building with all the other kids' bikes and walked towards the entrance. She held her head down and stared at the grass as she made her way to the doors, just hoping she could make it in without anyone noticing her.

"Hey everyone look who it is. Little Ki-ki Minatsuki."

There were three girls standing next to the entrance to the school. The one girl being Sara the popular, blonde-headed girl with quite a blunt attitude towards people she didn't consider to be on her level. Kihnari would just prefer to call her a vicious snake, but bit her tongue at the times she wished to…

"Nerd parking is over there… Geek." Sara pointed over to the chess team who were arguing over who just won a game of chess. Typical.

Sara and her friends all started laughing. Kihnari wouldn't say a word back to Sara. She figured it would only cause her more trouble. She preferred to stay invisible; she wasn't a person in school to make very good grades, or good friends for that matter. She actually didn't have any. She preferred to stay a loner—a dreamer on her own. It almost made her feel secure this way.

Kihnari didn't care for school much at all. She felt it was a waste of time, even though she attended everyday never missing a day. She always passed on C's, never putting forth really any effort at all. Her mother claims she could do so much better if she actually tried, but she prefers not to. The only subject she ever pushes on more than anything would be English. It's somewhere she can write and read and let her emotions go, other than in her dreams. This was just one of the very seldom comforts she could get from the real world…

Her first three classes of the day past pretty quickly, no quizzes or hard questions, it was just relaxing. Later it was just going on fourth period. Lunch. Kihnari hated going to lunch. All the tables were segregated according to jocks, preps, skaters, band geeks, etc. There's nowhere she belonged—she was considered of nothing. Not even the outcasts. Not that she'd want to be anyway.

Kihnari held out her small, brown, paper bag full of the sack lunch the cafeteria gave out. It came with your typical bologna sandwich, brownie, and green apples cut in fours. She clung onto the rolled up top of the bag as she walked in the middle of the lunchroom—she could feel people staring and talking about her. Their eyes were like wounds to the back, they almost pained her. She sealed her eyes shut as she discreetly sat down at an empty table and got out her lunch… Kihnari looked over to her right, two tables down, to find Sara and her friends, staring and smiling at her. They had this peculiar look in their eyes that made Kihnari know that they weren't speaking of anything good or amicable for that matter. Kihnari just frowned and took a small bite from her sandwich…

Sixth period finally came along with her favorite class. English. Something facile and something she could relate to; even her teacher understands her. She uses her imagination to the fullest. A lot of people say the teacher's insane but Kihnari thinks she's just energetic and dream-filled. Kihnari sat down at her desk and folded her hands together in a sedate manner and crossed her legs, showing a sign that she wanted to learn. Kihnari would do the same thing everyday: just come in, sit down, smile, and listen. Her teacher would smile at her and even talk to her sometimes, but this gave Kihnari one of those little comforts outside her dreams…

The end of the day finally arrived and Kihnari hopped on her bike and rode home. She got back to her house and noticed her mom wasn't home. She must've been working overtime at work; being a single parent could be hard sometimes, especially when you're a secretary. Even though Kihnari didn't like to talk about it much, she used to have a father; and one who supposedly cared for her; however, she doesn't really remember. It's all very faint to her. He left her alone with her mother when she was only two, maybe three years of age because of personal differences with her mother, and her older sister Kaiyukeh, which was about four years of age at the time. He was never seen again. Sometimes Kihnari would wonder what he was like, or if he is still alive—she doesn't know at all. All communication was lost with him the day he left. Still, Kihnari refused to question any of this, trying to keep it in the back of her mind; she was really just in denial. She'd rather just keep her life simple and focus on the present, rather than the past and wonder what could have been.

She dragged her bike over to the side of the house and went inside. She laid down her bag and jumped on the couch. She sank her bottom into the depths of the beige-colored couch. She rested her head against the left armrest and closed her deep, sapphire eyes. She promptly folded her hands, resting them on her stomach in a cathartic manner. She closed her eyes and pictured a happy place. She felt her mind wander off into dream world, and her body grew warm…

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