Chapter V

Heroine of the Dream world

"Me— save the dream world? Are you— serious?" Kihnari blatantly dropped her butt down on the concrete and just sat there staring back into the room. She wrapped her arms around her legs and hugged them tightly. The thought of this was mind-boggling.

"Well," Damien scratched the top of his head with a smile,"— yeah."

"I'm only a girl— why me?" Kihnari looked up at Damien with her questioning brown eyes that shone bright because of the direction of the setting sun. He sat himself down beside her to make his face at eye level with hers.

"There are many things that I must explain to you…" he began, "—for starters, you need to learn how to control your dreams…"

"Control them? I can't even stay the same person— I'm never in the same dream, how can I control them?"

This whole conversation seemed so far fetched to Kihnari; she was just this outcast who happens to like to dream… so why her? What was so special about her?

"Look, I could have chosen anyone, but I chose you." He said, "I chose you because you had such an open mind… I felt that you would actually want to help me to help this world— since you love it so much… I see how much you enjoy your dreams." He smirked. Kihnari blushed a little upon looking down. "There's so much I have to teach you Kihnari, and I will. I'll make it my effort… but before I even start to begin your training, I must explain what you're in for… it's a big responsibility. It's not like taking care of a puppy…"

"Like, the enemies? Does the dream world have enemies?" Kihnari looked back up at him.

"Yes, it does. They call themselves the three elements: Light, Fire, and Darkness… they know basically how to control every aspect of a dream. There are three basic elements to a dream as well— thought, feelings, and heart. You must have the basic thought of what you want a dream to be, it must go in harmony with your feelings, and you must put all your heart into it… these three people have done just that… but not necessarily in a good way."

"People, as in actual people? Are you saying that they are regular people like me?"

This scared Kihnari a little.

"Yes, they are. They've learned to manipulate the elements of a dream for their own selfish desires. They work together, and they're going to try to take over the dream world… that's the most powerful thing of all. Once they can control a person's dream, then they can control that person's whole life… I can't imagine what sort of chaos this will ensue. They could ruin a single person's life— they could even make world leaders go psychotic, just by working on them in a dream…"

A breeze whooshed by and splashed Damien's hair into his face; he simply pushed it all back with his hand.

Kihnari looked down at her hands; she fiddled with her fingers just thinking about what Damien was telling her. Now she knew that dreams could actually be a reality… they were more than just a getaway place.

"Above all else, Kihnari, I need to know if you'll help me." He stared hard at her. This was quite an arduous decision for her; this was a big deal: save the dream world, or don't save the dream world and cause reality pain…

"I— I'll do it." Kihnari looked at Damien staring back at her, with determination in her eyes and heart; "Just one question, Damien—"

"Yes?" he waited for her words.

"How— how did you know my name?" she stared at him, questionably.

"Ha…" he laughed a little, "I told you, I know more about you than you do about yourself…" he smirked and stood up from the ground. Kihnari stood up right after he did, standing in front of him.

"What exactly are you going to teach me?" Kihnari asked.

"Still so many questions, huh, Cupcake? Feh… first you'll need to learn how to daydream." He smiled at her. He slid his hands down into his pant pockets in a very laidback stance.

"Daydream? Like, dream while I'm still awake?" Kihnari looked at him, almost enthusiastically. Damien just closed his eyes and nodded.

"Wow…" Kihnari seemed speechless— but in a good way, "I can daydream while I'm in school— I can help you all the time."

"Yep," he smiled, "maybe I can even teach you to smile eh?" he joked.

Kihnari just looked away, but she smiled at heart…

Ring, ring!

Kihnari opened her eyes to the loud ringing of her alarm clock. She turned over and reached her arm out far to hit the 'off ' button. She sat up on her butt and rubbed her eyes. She stepped out of bed and walked over to her closet. She carefully pulled her school uniform from its hanger and began to take it off.

Only two more days, Kihnari, and it's the weekend… Kihnari thought, trying to encourage herself. She slipped off her uniform from the other day, because she hadn't taken it off when she got home the day before. She switches between two outfits to wash one while she wears the other. She stepped into her plaid skirt, zipping it up tight in the back and buttoned up her shirt and pulled her jacket over the outfit. She flipped her hair out of the collar and walked down stairs, grabbing her bag on the way.

"Hi, Kihnari, dear. Sit down and have some breakfast— please?" her mother smiled, watching as she tried to zip straight through the house; "You're not in that much of a hurry to get to school, are you?" her mother smiled. Kihnari looked at her mother kind of funny.

"O— okay." She agreed and sat down at the table, swinging her bag over the chair. Her mother just made the usual eggs and bacon breakfast. Kihnari put a serving size on her plate and chewed up her first bite. Her mother just kept smiling at her with every bite she took.

Kihnari soon finished with just a few bites still left on her plate. She scooted the plate away from her position at the table, and stood up, swinging the bag around her back.

"Bye Mom." Kihnari stated and headed towards the door.

"I love you!" her mother shouted from the table. Kihnari just nodded and exited the house. Why is my mom acting so— different? Kihnari thought. She pulled her bike from the side of the house and cycled off to school.

Kihnari reached school and parked her bike near the front of the schoolyard. Kihnari held on to the straps of her bag and made her way inside the building. Kihnari bowed her head a little showing low self esteem and walked with caution upon looking around for any signs of Sara and her friends. They were, surprisingly, nowhere in sight. Kihnari sighed a little of relief.

She made it up to the school building and was able to enter without being noticed. She walked calmly, and quietly to her classroom and sat down at her desk in the middle of the room, just feet from the window; this was so she could look outside if the teachers bored her, which was actually quite often. She sat her brown, suede bag down by her feet and laid her head down across her desk. She sighed and took in a deep breath, her stomach sucking in, and slowly letting out.

"Aw, is the little Asian girl tired?" Sara's voice echoed through the pathways of her ears. She had just come into the classroom. She usually sat in the front so she could pass notes and gossip and the teacher wouldn't pay any attention, he was actually kind of oblivious. That's why the front and back of the classroom wasn't really any different. His name was Mr. Higgerbottom; new kids would wonder why he even has his teaching degree… you could be screaming and he would just keep teaching as if nothing was happening. Many kids skip his class for the heck of it because it's so facile.

Kihnari peeped her head up and blinked at the smirking Sara. Her light blonde hair laid down on her arm as her body was turned; her outrageously blue eyes cornered Kihnari like a pernicious snake. Kihnari tried her best to ignore her attempts with shrewd comments, and just laid her head back down. She was hurt and broken inside, but wouldn't let it show; Sara was like a predator, looking to weaken her prey, and once they're weakened, that's when she can make them snap. Kihnari was strong in her own kind of way.

"Silent treatment I see. Works for a loser like you I guess." Sara smiled and turned back around, laughing with her friends. Kihnari just closed her eyes and held everything in. They always had to start their day out that way…

Ding, ding, ding!

The bell rang and students entered like crazy and sat down at their seats— awaiting the teacher's entrance.

"Hello students…" Mr. Higgerbottom greeted in a deep, apathetic monotone; "Before we start class today I have an important announcement to all of you in attendance…" he pushed up his thick, brown framed glasses on his nose. "— We have a new student from across America. He's from Brazil; and I'd like for the whole class to give him a warm welcome."

Mr. Higgerbottom held out his hand as the class gave a tired applause, and a young boy with dark brown hair, entered into the classroom holding books under his left arm.

"This— is Kayo Kleverson. He will be with us for— hopefully— the rest of the semester." Mr. Higgerbottom introduced.

Kayo said nothing as he sat down in the first seat he saw in the front. His dark brown, chocolate eyes focused themselves on Kihnari as he turned his back to sit down. Kihnari watched him as he did so. She didn't seem too interested in his presence, nor did she anything else. She found that nothing in the real world came to interest her anymore, especially with current events…

"Mmm…" Sara looked at Kayo up and down. She bowed her down towards her friends when she caught their attention; "Everyone loves a Brazilian boy." She whispered with a mischievous smile.

"Alright now class. Let us now begin." Mr. Higgerbottom's voice already lost everyone's attention in its low, horrid tone. Kayo situated himself comfortably into his seat and smoothed back his hair with his hand. Kihnari sat in her desk with the left side of her head rested on her arm as she stared in front of the classroom while Mr. Higgerbottom talked.

Kayo, inconspicuously, turned his head a little shifted his eyes towards the back of the room and at Kihnari; she seemed quite oblivious towards this at the moment. It wasn't one of those wow, she's hot kind of stares but one of those, I know what you've been doing stares. Kihnari indolently blinked and moved her eyes a little to the right, making eye contact with Kayo for a split second. Kayo shrewdly drew his eyes back to the front of the classroom. Kihnari didn't really bring her attention to that much.

Sara giggled a little making it so obvious that she seemed to be quite interested in the new student. Her stares were very frequent and she was just pleading for attention. Kayo just sat in his seat very casually and listened to the teacher's bromidic lecture. He sat there so confidently like there was more to him than what meets the eye. His bottom was far down into the seat and his back laid barely against the lower part of his seat while he rested his right arm on the desk and his other hand sat gently in his left pocket. This abstruseness must've drawn Sara's attention even more…

Kihnari's pupils were quite small and faded, as she paid no real attention to anything in class; she seemed to be lost the entire time. Her eyes might've been open and there, but she herself, wasn't…

As Kihnari's day passed and she was on her way home from school, she couldn't help but still think about everything that Damien had been telling her. "You're the dream world's only hope…' these words echoed through the corridors of her wandering mind. What if I can't do it? What if I fail and— let down—, Kihnari paused during her thoughts, … the dream world… Could that— happen? So many of her questions were still unanswered. She still wasn't sure, though, if she wanted them answered; when she doesn't know the answer to something, it makes it almost a challenge to find out, and it intrigues her and makes her mind jump everywhere… it's like a roller coaster inside of you…

Kihnari soon reached home and turned into her driveway with her bike. She yielded and soon came to a plenary stop. She stepped off her bike and parked it over onto the side of the house. She fortuitously walked inside her home and sat her bag down by the door while she slipped off her shoes.

"Mom?" Kihnari called, seeing if anyone would reciprocate. No answer. "Mom?" she tried again. Still— no answer. She's been working late a lot the past few days… Kihnari thought. She continued up to her room.

Kihnari took off her ruby red scarf and set it on her nightstand next to her alarm clock. She dexterously sat down on her bed and smoothed out the wrinkles of her bedspread. She changed her position a little and laid her head down on her pillow. She lay there on her right side, facing her nightstand, while she held her hands together and close to her bosom in a palatial position. Why do I feel so tired? Kihnari asked herself as she closed her eyes…