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Chapter Eight

As cliché as it sounds I followed my instincts. As I passed over the valley I could feel the thrumming become stronger. I beat my wings harder as adrenaline pumped through my veins. I could feel his nearness.

The emotion compass to Ashlin removed me of all doubt and I did indeed believe we must have some sort of connection. Yet I was to hasty with acceptance that fateful night. I wouldn't believe that it was indeed soul mates without proof. He may believe the fates had planned for us to be together, but I was not going to submit to this ridiculous idea until I was sure.

Echoing in my ear, with my stronger sense of sound I could hear the clashing of swords, I knew my camp had to be close. For once I was glad Reyon's little lapdog Chathol had walked from point A to point B where I now reside, he couldn't get that far from my camp. I swooped into a nearby bush to the fighters.

It appeared to be Tristan training some of the newest fighters along with James. I watched he yelling at the men, he didn't seem to be missing me at all! But I suppose he though I just ran off again, it had only been two days, The most was ever gone was five days, there was time before he would worry. Before I could launch myself in the clearing to attempt to catch his attention I was scooped up into someone's hands.

"Hey Fellas, looky here! A perfect falcon! And in great shape. It will be much easier to track down the girl now"

I looked into the clearing. Tristan stood there with one eyebrow raised. It was his infamous You halted my practice for that look. "Now Hafrin, bring the bird over to the expert falconer and let us move on with our practice."

It was then that I realised that I was going to be used like a hunting dog. There was nothing to give them the clue I was really a person. I began to bite at the man's finger and he yelped and let go of me. At least I knew now that they knew something was wrong and go hunting me down. I focused on the one person who would know it was me, Ashlin.

Only he could use the connection to realise it was me. For hours I circled the camp and yet I could not find him. At time the thrumming would become so hard that I was sure it was audiable. Nothing. I wondered if maybe something was wrong with the signal. I eventually gave up and turn to go back to that crazed psycho path waiting for me once night fell.

If I could have cried, I would have, but birds can't cry. What was I going to do now? Keep going back to the camp until I find him? That might have to be my plan until a better one comes my way. I came closer to the clearing.

There in the middle was none other then his high and mighty majesty Reyon. He had Chathol with him this time. I didn't quite want to go down to him just yet. I circled overhead for a little while until I could find an opening.

As he raised his arm in the air I dove. I would have stabbed him in the under arm if it weren't for Chathol using a burlap sack to catch me before I could do any damage. He decided to add injury to insult and shake the bag before throwing me out of it.

As I hit the ground I transformed back. I ended up flopped upon the ground with Reyon laughing up a storm. Chathol was going to die, but I think watching him suffer from the effects of poison might be more fun.

"Well that was certainly a fun show, same time tomorrow?" Reyon chuckled.

I glared with all that I had in me. If I could kill someone through horrid thoughts, Reyon would have been dead a thousand times over. It seems that the surrounding grass reacted to the rage in my thoughts and wrapped themselves around both of their ankles.

"Chathol. Subdue her powers!" Chathol ran over to my form lying upon the grass and pressed a needle into my arm before I could react. Almost instantly a numbing feeling spread through my veins. I could no longer feel the grass around my feet, or hear the whisper of the trees. I was cut off and at a loss for words.

"Thank you Chathol, now Airi, lets get down to business. I suppose you have an appropriate answer for me tonight? What will it be? Marry me? Or rot here in these woods a little longer?"

I slowly stood to me feet and looked him straight in the eyes, gritting my teeth "I will never, ever, marry you, I will die before I give you my father's kingdom!" I closed my eyes so that I wouldn't lash out again once I heard his retort.

"Well if that's how you want to play things then you are welcome to sit here a little longer. Oh by the way, I came to check up on you earlier today and I noticed that you didn't seem to be in the enclosed area I had set out for you. I do these things for your safety and wouldn't want any harm to come to you. I must have forgotten to close the shield during the day, so I took the liberty of completely closing off this area. No matter what form, human or bird, you cannot get through. No more days trips."

I was now seething in my anger, did he have a death wish? I launched myself off the balls of my feet at Chathol's sword. While rolling past I unsheathed the sword quickly from his belt.

Leaping into the air I plunged the sword into Chathol's Shoulder completely searing off his arm and watching it fall to the ground. Chathol screamed as he fell to the ground, I stood over him and dug my heel into his opposite shoulder.

"I told you to never come near me with a sword again, or you would see it in my hands."

I looked over to see Reyon shaking. I glanced a this face as his shoulders heaved up and down. Plastered on his face was a grin. He was laughing at me! Right after I took out his only source of magic? What is with this guy?

"You really though that you could fight your way out?" his chuckling was getting on my nerves, it seemed just climb into my ears and pound into my head.

What was there to laugh about? what did he know? "You really thought that by wounding my henchman that you could easily sneak by me and go home? The show was amazing but your strategies will take some planning. Chathol is not the source of the magic, you have just wasted your strength"

Reyon slowly began to step towards my position. His feet barely touched the grass as he slowly stepped. I began to try to bend the grass and burry him in a mossy coffin but the numbing sensation over my senses was not lifted. When would this wear off?

The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end as his fingers curled around my forearm, his hand covered the vines on my arm as they began to tingle. I tried rip myself from his hold but I was immobile. His grip tightened on my arm as I forced myself to squirm, it was useless. I could feel phantom fingers sifting through my thoughts.

As the subconscious nails grinded against each though I internally cringed for my muscles seemed to disregard my commands. I could only watch as my memories had become invaded. Every moment from when I have arrived to this prison till the moment that was occurring flashed inside my conscious mind.

He was sifting through my memories? How is this possible? Before I could think anymore I began to push the hand out of my thoughts. He would eventually go deeper and I would never let that psycho path anywhere near my deepest ponderings. The numbing feeling lifted itself and the fog began to dissipate. I remain unable to move yet I still managed to glare.

"You underestimated a mage's apprentice, and therefore you punishment was the knowledge that you tried to desperately tried to hide became mine. You have been hiding secrets, there was more to that prophesy than I expected, you thought I would find out, yet you become more and more captivating every time we speak."

As he spoke his hand began to travel my curves. Hands traces patterns across my stomach as they travelled further north upon my torso. His fingertips touching what no man before had ever lain hands upon. Violated and humiliated I could only stand there and let him continue his exploration as my body refused to listen to my commands. His lips come close to my ear and I fought to control my churning stomach, he was sick and twisted.

"You won't resist me for long, I will give you more time but if I feel no progress has been made, I will use force. Your weaknesses will not stay under wraps for long, princess."

His body slowly peeled itself away from me. I still could not move and I could only watch as he and Chathol disappeared in a cloud of mist as I longed to chase after him with a pointy stick.

My arms soon tensed as I swing my arms back and forth once more. I crumpled to the ground and emptied my stomach at the remembrance of his hands on my skin. I looked up at the sky and wished for a way out. How could I have lost so much control over the situation. My options for escape had diminished to none.

I placed my palm upon the cool surface of the shield. The energy racing down my arm and giving me a slight chill. The dark magic was something that I had only heard of in books and bedtime stories. Only the elders of specific villages knew how to combat such evil.

Robin tried to convince me to read books on the subject but my stubbornness stopped his coaxing, I only wanted to learn of fighting and healing, magic was of no consequence to me. I realise now that was a mistake I truly regret. John must have commissioned his son to learn the dark arts to further his own needs.

Yet I doubt he knows of how his son had used the power to take all control from his father.