The Never ending Blue

From the distance, night rolls towards me,

In waves of unlimited blue,

Like a velvet curtain descending softly,

Like a picture that I once drew.

And every time I look into the sky,

Another star is unveiled to me,

Twinkling like a pretty pearl,

In my strange, secret fantasy.

The grass is damp beneath my toes,

As I walk along the track,

I sit myself in the lonely garden

And lie down on my back.

Again, I am lost in the never-ending blue,

The moonlight is as sly as a fox,

And I feel as if I could pick any star

Like I could pick diamonds from a jewellery box.

I am awed and overcome by that moment in time,

When I look into the world above me,

The future is there, I know that it is,

In that space of magic and mystery.

Looking at the beautiful expanse of sky,

My breath is swept away in a rush,

Within a moment, I surrender myself

Like a girl besotted to her crush.

For me, this is where my admiration goes,

And my heart yearns to be part of it too,

I am a lover of this unknown gateway

And a lover of this never ending blue.