Title: Not Liking You

Author: Riley Hunter

Beg. A/N: So! I came out with a mini-mini-oneshot. I positively LOVE it. Inspiration? a girl that acts like she hates this guy but loves him. soooooooo cliche, yet sooooooooo cute. Keep in mind that it is NOT based on actual people, thank God.

I don't like you. I don't. Why does everyone asume that I do? In fact, I hate you. Positively absolutely hate you.

Oh, so now you want to know why...well, I have my reasons. I do! I don't hate people for no reason. I hate you for GOOD reasons.

So you really do want to know why...well, I'll tell you. I'll make a list. A good list. And it will be long. Right, I'll make the list now.

Reasons to hate you:

1. You're annoying
2. You're mean to me
3. You never have anything nice to say
4. You tease me
5. You make fun of me
6. You're a big jerk
7. You're a prep
8. You have the perfect friends
9. You think that you're so wonderful because you have money
10. You probably have a perfect family
11. You don't have to deal with family issues
12. You don't have to deal with friend issues
13. You always make me feel like I'm wrong
14. You're always trying to be better than me
15. Sometimes you do things better than me
16. You gloat whenever you out-do me
17. You're very prideful
18. You don't like me
19. You think that I'm just an awful person because I'm not in love with you
20. You're arrogant
21. You're haughty
22. You're full of yourself
23. You're vain
24. All you care about is you
25. You don't care for other people's feelings
26. You hurt people
27. You've hurt me
28. You can't notice the obvious
29. You're oblivious to everything
30. You don't know that I like you...

See? I have good reasons to hate you. Why? Because of all the things above. Because you're so concieted and oblivious to the obvious. Because since it seems like I don't like you and that I'm the only person that isn't in love with you, you don't see that I actually am the only one that truely is.

Speechless, aren't you. You've never had to deal with something like this. So, just pretend you never read this. I'll pretend you never read it too. You didn't read this. See? I'm good at hiding my feelings. As always. So just go away. It doesn't matter anyway. I'm just the girl with the hidden feelings that hides behind her hate, right?

End A/N: So? What'd you think, my wonderful reader? Did you like the short one-shot/rant? Feel free to leave questions, comments, or concerns! In other words, please review!