Author's Notes: A drabble of sorts, found it while browsing my facebook account. Thought I'd post it up here.

Rating: T for mentions of suicide and sexual undertones.

Wait for me

And I touched you, and you told me to stop. And I hushed you, and you said it hurt. And I pried your fingers that had gripped my hair, and I pet your cheeks and kissed your lips, and you said no more, and you said please stop. Your screams made my heart clench, but I continued, and your hands pained my back from the claw marks they left, but I held you close, I won't let you fall, you are mine, to play, to tease, to torture, to love.

You said you wouldn't leave, that you were mine forever and a day.

You promised... Who gave you the rights to leave me... who gave you wings to fly away, above the clouds, while I'm stuck on the ground.

You promised.
I lay a rose down on the ground.
You promised.
I touched the picture of you dearly.
You promised.
I ran the blade across my flesh.
You promised.
Wait for me, love. I'm coming.