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Quick Summary: Amelia is a girl with a sad past that forces her to not put her faith and trust into a anyone but her brothers. What happens when she meets her Childhood Best Friend Addison and her Cute older brother Ashton during Swim team? Will Amelia learn to trust and Love again, before a dark shadow of her past comes back to ruin all of her progress?

Song for this Chapter: Because Of You: By: Kelly Clarkson


I parked my car in the parking space and took my keys out of the ignition, sitting in the still silence. Taking a glance at the Apartment Building, I sighed. All the memories flooded back, like every other day. Of course, they didn't hurt so much anymore, but they still left my heart shredded.

My name is Amelia Delancy. If you pass me on the street, you may think I'm your normal Nineteen year old teenager. Long, raven black hair, violet eyes. But what I went through in my childhood is not what a normal child should go through. At the early age of 3, my parents fought. My dad would only care about his job, friends. He wouldn't have any time left for us. I would give him a card for father's day, and he would simply put it to the side, as if it were a piece of trash. They always fought during the nights when my father would come home drunk. When I was 7, They split. My father left without a second glance back at his family, his wife, his children. My mom was left in depression, I would often take a peek into her room, and see her beautiful face, broken, emotionless. My brothers helped take care of me, when my mother was still painfully suffering, even though they were a mere 3 years older than me.

August 23, 1997. I remembered that night clearly. The pain, the screams, the sirens of the ambulance, it was still as clear as a bell. I came home from fourth grade, with a present for my mom. I walked up to her room, creaking the door open and saw my mother, lying on the bed, Still as a rock. I did all I knew at the time, called 911. I told them our house address and they came immediately. My brothers came home from Middle School shortly after. Our Grandparents took us in after hearing of our mom's suicide. They cared for us, fed us, did everything that hasen't been done to us since our dad left. At the age of 18, my brothers were away at college, and both of my grandparents passed away, I settled in my grandparents apartment, Living there ever since.

I leaned my head against the steering wheel, and took deep breaths. My legs ached from all the walking, my head hurt, my arms were ready to fall off. All because of the working. I wake up at 6 AM, go to my job at Starbucks, come home at 5 PM, And get ready for my waitressing Job at 6PM. All the work, and Sometimes, I was still short on money. Lifting my head from the wheel, I glanced at the clock and took in the time. 5:32 PM, If I didn't hurry, I would be late, and late meaning No paycheck. Dragging my arms from my sides I opened the car door and shuffled out. Taking the stairs to my apartment, I noted that I had about 20 minutes to take a shower and get ready. I quickly closed the apartment door behind me and started to strip my cloths off.

Running the warm water in the shower, I hopped in and rinsed the strong coffee smell off me. It all felt so refreshing. The warm water relaxing my muscles, it made me forget all the stress. Sighing, I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a towel.

Walking up to the mirror, I quickly examined myself. Long black hair, Dead Violet eyes, Still the same. Taking out a blow dryer, I decided what to do with my hair. A couple minutes later, my hair was blow-dried,brushed and it's same old straight self. Oh what I would do for curly hair. I quickly applied some eyeliner, mascara, White eye shadow and Lip gloss.

Three quick rasps on the door made me twirl around and look toward the door, I wasn't expecting anyone. "Uhm I'm Coming, Just give me a minute!" I shouted. Rushing quickly to my room, I threw on my white shirt, Black pants, and tied the ugly red apron around my waist. I opened the door, and as soon as I saw who it was, the feeling of happiness rushed through me.

"Caleb, Kaylum!" I squealed and jumped into my brother's arms. I wrapped my arms around Caleb's Waist and buried my face in his shoulder. He chuckled and hugged me back.

"Hey, What about me?" My other brother, Kaylum complained. I laughed freely and ran into my other brother's arms. As soon as I let go, Caleb handed me a bouquet of flowers. "Aw, Thank You!" My eyes started to tear up, and my brother, noticing this started to panic. Feeling stupid, I quickly dabbed at my eyes, careful not to smear my make-up. "I'm sorry, It's just that I haven't seen you in a long time." That was part of the truth. My brothers are the only people I trust, I find it hard to trust people after the disaster of my parents, and my ex-boyfriend.

I forgot to tell you about him, didn't I. Well, at the age of 15, I let him break my shell and get to my heart. We were going out for three years. He was amazing, everything I could ask for. He told me he loved me, and that we would get married someday. He always protected me, until the day he told me that he didn't love me anymore. He told me he didn't want anything to do with me. And he just walked out of my life like that. The thought of him still made my heart ache, I still cried myself to sleep at times.

Being brought back to the real world, I checked the time. 5:53. "Crap" I muttered under my breath. "What is it?" My brother Caleb asked me, he was the mature one, and his twin, My other brother, Was more like the fun one. "I have to go to work." I explained quickly, my words coming out as one.

"Amelia, It's Saturday." They both looked at me with concern filled eyes. I sighed and decided to ignore the subject. "You two can stay here until I get back from work, then we can talk." They both nodded and walked into the apartment. By the looks on their faces I could tell that this conversation would continue when I got back.

I zoomed down the stairs and into my 1968 White Ford, the car that my grandparents left to me after their death. Quickly backing out of the parking space and speeding onto the road. I got to the restaurant at 6:14. "Damn It" I cussed under my breath while hopping out of the car and slamming the door shut behind me.