Dedication and Inspiration:

Dedicated to my all time favourite author, Melissa Nathan. She died from Breast Cancer in 2006. Also dedicated to my friends, Tecna, Nasreen, Sumaiya Khan, Anisa and JC.

This story was inspired by another story on fictionpress by xoxlurve called 'Brown Eyes'.

Matthew Aaron

"Mom!" I yelled, as my horrified eyes took in the scene before me.

"What Melissa?" my Mom responded tiredly from the kitchen.

"Who the hell was in my bedroom?"


"Someone's been in my room," I repeated, louder, as my Mum came up the stairs, concerned.

"What do you mean someone's been in your room?" she frowned, her gaze sweeping over the neat surroundings… before resting on me.

"I… I can just feel it."

She looked at me blankly, before turning around with irritation and muttering, "Damn you Melissa."

"But Mom! I swear it! Can't you… can't you feel it?"

She swept her curly brown hair behind her ears before folding her arms and glaring at me sternly. "All I can feel young lady, is irritation. It's midnight for Gods' sake and that damn wedding was so tiring. I am knackered Mel, and I'm going to bed. I suggest you do the same and quit playing games." The effect of her speech was ruined somewhat as she yawned and stretched before climbing back down the stairs, no doubt muttering curses at me under her breath.


No need to panic.

No one was in your room Melissa.

I sighed, closing the curtains self consciously before changing into my PJ's. Damn that stupid wedding. The bride was late, the food was crap and I had cramps. Jeez, I was just craving for chocolate and a 24-hour-long bubble bath to ease out the pain, but it was school tomorrow, and at this rate, I wouldn't have time to shower in the morning, let alone have a bubble bath.

I switched off the light before parting the curtains slightly and getting into my freezing bed. Dad was still at the wedding and I could hear Derek – my absolutely annoying, immature big brother – snoring in his bedroom next to mine.

I sighed irritably before getting up to check the time on my alarm clock. My hands swept the empty bedside table, before a chill ran down my spine. Where was it? I always left it there…

I swallowed before breaking into a sweat. Ok, this was weird. My eyes darted across the shadowed room, before I got up, tiptoed across the laminated floor and switched on the light.

I sighed with unexpected relief as light bathed my surroundings, and wandered over to my bedside table to look for the clock. It wasn't there. I frowned and checked the drawers, thinking it might have fallen in them, but it wasn't there either.

Okaaay… I knew someone had been in my room…

I placed a hand on my hips, aggravated, and narrowed my eyes as my gaze surveyed the room. Where the hell was it?

Maybe behind the bedside table…?

I moved the table and got down flat on my face before spying it under the bed.

Right, I thought wryly. I knew that.

Feeling sheepish, I set the alarm and got back into bed.

My imagination really does get out of control sometimes…

I wandered into the kitchen, my eyes half closed and my feet dragging, the next morning. As I sat down at the table, Derek looked at me cheerfully and said, "Morning Mel."

"Yeah, thanks for reminding me," I replied sarcastically before reaching for the cereal. "What are you so happy about?" I muttered warily as I spooned cornflakes into my mouth.

"You won't believe who just moved in across the street!"

"Who?" my Dad asked as he entered, adjusting his tie.

Derek looked at us both, pausing dramatically, before replying, "Mr and Mrs Aaron!"

I choked on my cereal and gasped before staring at Derek, horrified.

"Mr and Mrs Aaron?" I repeated moronically.

"Yeah," Derek continued cheerfully. "Obviously, Stacy and Matt are back too."

I sat there gawping at him until my Dad flicked his fingers in front of my face, making me blink.

"You okay Melissa?" he asked with a frown.

"I hate him," I muttered with venom, my hands clenching into fists. "I hate Matthew Aaron," I clarified.

Dad and Derek exchanged glances before Derek said, "Erm… we got the point. Why?"

"What?" I asked, snapping out of reverie.

"Why do you hate him?" he repeated deliberately.

I gazed at him blankly, before leaving my cereal and grabbing my school stuff. "I just do," I replied simply.

Mum entered from the kitchen and looked surprised. "Mel, where are you going? You haven't finished breakfast."

"She's not hungry," my brother supplied at the same time as I said, "I'm not hungry."

I glared daggers at him. Why was he so frigging annoying?

He smirked back at me and stated matter-of-factly, "Oh and by the way, I showed him your room while you were at the wedding."

"What?" I yelled, spitting lava.

He did what?

"I showed him your room," he repeated mischievously and ducked as I aimed a punch at him. He may be a guy and he may be older than me, but I was still quicker than him and I banged my fist right onto his massive nose, shouting curses at the same time.

My Dad glanced at us with a bored expression, before opening the morning newspaper, whilst my Mum looked at me, scandalised. "Mel!" she said, brandishing a broom, as the doorbell rang. "Go get that, right now!"

I grumbled and opened the front door angrily.

"What?" I practically yelled with aggravation but my anger shrivelled up and died in my throat as I saw someone I had hoped I wouldn't see in my life again. Ever.

"Still the same, huh Mel?" he smirked arrogantly, and cocked an eyebrow as I continued to stare at him, stunned. "What's the matter? Don't you recognise your old pal Matt?"

I probably shouldn't have done what I did next which was to shove him backwards and slam the door in his face.

Life is so frigging unfair, I thought dejectedly as I sprinted into the living room. Why me?