Chapter Two

I was still half asleep when the phone beside my bed rang. I groaned, not opening my eyes as I lifted the receiver to my ear.

"Send him up," I mumbled sleepily. I looked towards the clock, sighing when I saw that it was a little before five. Having just gone to sleep two hours earlier, I desperately wanted to stay in bed, but knew it was time for my wake-up call. Rudolpho, who took care of my hair and make-up, was on his way up.

A knock on my door forced me out of the old fashioned Victorian king sized bed. I grudgingly left the silky red sheets as I stumbled towards the door, yawning as I patted my crumbled hair. I hadn't bothered to take it down from last night. It was too complex of a hairstyle for me to undo myself.

"That stylist of yours is not doing nearly a good enough job," Rudolpho stated as he swept into my suite. He flicked the light switch and the crystal chandelier in the entrance hallway came to life. "What kind of pajamas is that for a star like you?"

I followed him down the hallway and to the living room area of the one bedroom suite. "I don't need people to tell me what to wear to bed," I mumbled. I ignored his comments. He always remarked on my prudish sleep apparel. My old running shorts and equally old boy tanks were fine by me.

He disagreed.

I sat down on the gold Victorian loveseat in the center of the room, putting my feet up on the cherry wood coffee table sitting in front of it. I turned on the flat screen TV mounted on the wall as Rudolpho placed his bags on the golden armchair in the rear of the room next to the bathroom door.

Though I had already been staying in the suite for several days, the place was spotless. I didn't like to unpack since I knew I wouldn't stay in one place for too long.

Rudolpho began to place his various hair products on the high wood end table at the left of the chair.

He gestured to the chair. "Sit." I did as he said. He sighed when he saw the state of my hair. "I told you that you need to take your hair out before you go to sleep."

"It was too hard to do."

"That's why you need to find a sexy hunk to take it out for you."

I shrugged. "I have a fiancé."

Rudolpho snorted. He didn't have a very good opinion of Lars. "If he isn't around for you at night, he's not much of one." He began unknotting my hair. "I had hoped you'd have gotten rid of him by now."

"Rudy, not now. It's way too early."

My hair was untangled efficiently. "Who's Blake?"

My back stiffened as I looked at him in disbelief. I quickly attempted to hide my surprise, relaxing once again in the chair. "Blake?"

Rudolpho stared at me curiously. "He was downstairs at the front desk asking for you. He was insisting that you had a room for him."

I refused to blush. I was Isabelle Reid. I could do what I liked. "I did, I mean I do. He helped me out with Lars. He-"

Rudolpho just held up his hands. "I already know. He got drunk. He got high. He insulted someone and that someone had the gall to talk back. A fight ensued." He shook his head in disgust, tucking a strand of his purposely disheveled blond hair behind his ear. "I don't know how you keep this all out of the news."

I grabbed my robe. "Can you take care of it? We always have extra rooms. Blake helped us out. The least I can do is give him a place to sleep."

Rudolpho smirked. "He is rather cute. You could give him more than that."

I rolled my eyes, heading into the bathroom to take a quick shower. "Bring back coffee."

I headed into the large pristine white bathroom. The crystal bathtub and matching shower could easily hold more than one person. Not that I had experience with that. At least, not anytime recently.

After my shower, I felt like a real person once again. I smiled at my reflection in the fancy gold framed mirror. This was the person I had always known. Soon pounds of make-up and stylish clothes would hide her. I tightened my black silk robe and towel dried my hair. Upon hearing the door to my room close, I left the towels in a pile on the floor before exiting the bathroom. I rubbed my tired eyes. "You better have that coffee. All I want to do is crawl back into bed."

"As long as I can join you." I spun on my heel, turning to stare at the man seated where I not too long ago had been seated. I had walked right by him without even knowing it. Blake leaned back in the chair, completely at ease as his gaze slowly slid over my exposed flesh.

I gripped the collar of my robe to make sure it was securely fastened. "What are you doing here? Where is Rudy?"

Blake shrugged. His examination done, he leaned his head back against the wall, closing his eyes. "He said there weren't any rooms, so he's dealing with the problem. He said I should wait here." He yawned. "Said he would be right back."

"Right." I stared at his strong features, taking in his masculine jaw and jutting cheekbones. His full lips curved upwards, as if he knew I was staring at him. I headed to the opposite side of the bathroom door, where a clothing rack stood. Inside the various garment bags hanging upon it were my clothing choices for this week. I picked up the one with today's date written on the tag.

"Do they always do that? Pick what you wear?"

I faced Blake, not surprised to see him staring once again at me. I felt disorientated with his being here. "Uh, well yes. I have a stylist who tells me what to wear." I rubbed my forehead. "I mean, they don't tell me what to wear. They just suggest. Isabelle Reid has an image," I informed him.

Blake smirked in amusement. "'Isabelle Reid has an image?' Talking about yourself in the third person isn't a good sign."

"I didn't mean to say that," I mumbled. I shut my eyes; my one hand clutching my clothes, the other massaging my neck. "I'm not very functional in the morning, especially without coffee." I shook my head, re-opening my eyes. "Right, I need to change. Then I'll deal with you."

Blake chuckled a very sexy, masculine chuckle. "Oh, I would prefer you to deal with me in the robe."

I ignored his comment, heading past him into the bathroom as fast as I could without running. I closed the door, leaning against it in disbelief. Rudolpho knew how I treasured my privacy. What had he been thinking letting this man in? I put on the short, tight dark green dress. I pulled at the long sleeves and the high neckline. The dress felt as if it was choking me. I stared at the mirror, running a hand through my long wet hair. I attempted to give it life, but it hung in clumps down my back. It didn't matter. I wasn't actually trying to impress this guy anyway.

I exited the bathroom, grateful to see Rudolpho. He handed me my coffee, whistling softly at the dress. "That is what you are wearing to the interview? It looks as though it is choking you."

Behind me, Blake laughed. I pulled uncomfortably at the neckline. "It is a little tight."

Rudulpho attempted to put me at ease. "While you should show off your sexy body while you have it, that neckline is much too high." I ignored his comment, sipping my coffee. I closed my eyes in delight as it slid down my throat. "Now, let me brief you on the room situation. Cameron's throwing a fit. Apparently all the rooms are taken. She says you should have mentioned to her before this morning that you needed another."

"I did," I grumbled.

"Of course you did," Rudolpho replied. "You do everything perfectly." He gestured to the chair in front of him. "Sit." I did as I was told. "She's going to see what she can do about tonight, but for now, it was either send the dear boy away or have him join us here."

I closed my eyes. "Fine." I knew this decision was going to haunt me. "Blake, go into the bedroom. You can sleep in there."

"I can't do that," he protested.

I turned to him, smiling tiredly. "Where are you going to go? Just do it before I change my mind." I motioned toward the opposite end of the suite. "It's through there."

He stood, staring thoughtfully at me. "You don't have to do this."

I arched an eyebrow. "Of course I don't. But I am." I turned around, not wanting to see his appraising glance. He acted as if he knew what I was all about, as if he could see the real me. "Get to work, Rudy. I've got to head over to the station soon."

Rudolpho looked towards Blake before gesturing to bathroom. "I just need to, um, get something from there," he said, before disappearing.

I tensed as Blake stood behind me. He put a hand on my shoulder, leaning down to whisper into my ear. "Thank you." His lips briefly touched my cheek and then he was gone, heading off to sleep.

"Not a word," I murmured softly as Rudulpho reappeared at my side. "Not a word."

I closed my eyes as Rudolpho went to work, a knowing smile on his face. Soon I was Isabelle Reid, lead singer of The Wrecks once more. My hair fell down my back in soft waves and my make-up was perfectly in place. I stood, slipping on my stiletto boots.

"Are you going to tell Lars?"

I smirked. "No, you are." Rudolpho paled. "You're going to go wake him up and tell him what happened while I wait here. You orchestrated this mess; you can wake him from his latest orgy."

Rudolpho groaned despairingly. "It is my own death bed that I have made."

I didn't reply as he left to speak to Lars. I took a seat on the couch, resting my head delicately on the armrest. I had to make sure I didn't ruin all of Rudolpho's hard work.

Lars burst in with bloodshot eyes. He was dressed only in his boxer shorts.

I lifted my head wearily. "What're you doing here?"

He glared at me. "What am I doing here? What the hell are you doing? Do you want to ruin everything that we've worked so hard to accomplish? What if the media finds out about this?"

Of course he wasn't jealous. He was more worried about the Lars and Isabelle persona. "He's just sleeping in my room, for crying out loud. That's it."

Lars's eyebrows rose as he stared at me in disbelief. "That's it? You're not this nice. You don't let men just sleep in your bedroom. I should know."

"I would let you sleep in my room," I angrily retorted as I stood to face him, "If I didn't have to worry about walking in on you screwing some groupie in my bed."

Lars threw up his hands. "That happened once!" he exclaimed.

"Twice!" I bitterly said back. "It shouldn't have happened at all." I glared at him, my hands on my hips.

Lars just leered back at me. "Well, maybe if you weren't such an arctic bitch, I wouldn't have to go looking for it elsewhere." He gestured toward my bedroom. "He isn't staying in your fucking room. I'm not going to be a joke like you." My eye twitched as I turned away from him and headed to the door. "Where do you think you are going?" He asked, grabbing my arm angrily. He yanked me towards him. I stumbled forward. "You're waking up the man in your bed and telling him to get out."

I attempted to free myself from his grasp. "I am not. You can't make me do anything."

Lars angrily replied, "Another man is not sleeping in your room!"

"Is there a problem?" I looked up, cringing as I spotted Blake staring at the two of us. His blue eyes were intently fixed on Lars.

Lars released my arm and I quickly composed myself. I gave Blake my winning smile, though he didn't notice. He was too busy having a staring contest with Lars.

"No, there isn't a problem. Lars had the wrong idea about us for a moment, but he understands now. He gets that you helped us out last night, so it is our turn to help you out."

Lars looked away from Blake to glare at me. "Like hell I understand."

"What can people really say? I'm not going to be here all day and by time I get back, another room will have been found. Cameron should have been doing her job last night."

Lars smirked. "She was busy doing something else."

I stiffened. So they were having an affair. At least now I knew. Blake's gaze had turned to me, but I refused to look at him. I took a deep breath. "I don't have time for this. Lars, get over it."

Lars laughed bitterly. "Of course you don't have time for this. You don't have time for anything or anyone." He sat down on my couch. "Don't worry. I'll deal with this."

I arched an eyebrow. "Like you always deal with things?"

"Lars and I are friends," Blake said, once again looking at Lars. "He knows that I would never sleep with his girl. We can sort this out."

Lars nodded, yawning. "Get out of here, Princess. The public awaits."

I stared at the two doubtfully. Lars preferred to deal with things with his fists.

"I did try calling you, buddy," Blake said, sitting down next to Lars on the couch.

Lars grinned. "I shouldn't have gotten so pissed off. I just kept thinking that the guys are going to think you're banging Izzy." Lars chuckled. "It's my own fault you didn't get a room after all."

My back stiffened but I refused to let myself feel any pain over his comments. The door to my room opened and Cameron entered it, clipboard in hand.

Her eyes slid to Lars before she turned to me with a smile. I did not smile back. "The car is here to take you to the station. Ready?"

"Always," I answered coldly. "And next time, I don't want your fucking my fiancé to interfere with your job. Do your job first, before you bow down for him."

Blake's jaw dropped as Cameron turned a bright red. She looked to Lars for support, but he just laughed at the comment. He rested his hands behind his head, satisfied with himself. "I, I, I don't know-" she sputtered.

I arched an eyebrow. "I think you know exactly." I turned on my heel, once again the superstar. It was a part I played so well. "Lars, darling, I will see you later. Blake, thank you again for the help."

Cameron miserably followed me out of the room. "Isabelle, I just want to say-"

I cut her off. "Don't say anything. You know, I know what Lars is like. I had hoped you would be different from the others, but you're not. Life goes on. Let's get this day started."