Your clinical perfection is beyond my cheap deception

And in stark white silhouettes we find you sitting all alone

Experimental kills and thrills and popping all your lovely pills

Nothing here is easy and you know that nothing's still

Needles stained with filthy screams and pumping you with absinthe dreams

Your stomach's feeling sick but then you know it feels so good

Thick white straps around your mind, insanity, but oh, so kind

Asylum of the world you never meant to let you in

Walls and falls and prison calls and faceless soulless puppet dolls

Strings of methamphetamine and locking bars of death

Endless nights of happy pills, you whisper songs of glory kills

Beautiful corruption and your mind is growing black

The drugs you need to keep your head won't save you nothing when you're dead

These darklit trips among the stars can't possibly keep up

You lock yourself in mind-trip cages, keep your eyes beyond the ages

The walls of this asylum are the ones you built yourself

Needles, bottles, pills or poisons, all of these will block horizons

And you know it's just because you can't say no to getting high

Grant yourself the leave, believe that this is what you really need

And find inside yourself the will to fade and never cure

This sick disease and on your knees you see the bony branching trees

Of all the worlds you lost to the asylum of your mind