Caffeine Included

Caffeine Induced Love

Introduction: This is just an little profile of what my characters are going to be like, enjoy xxxx

At Starbucks

Hélène-my favourite girl friend of one year and four months- smiled back at cute Starbucks coffee boy as he sat down the tray with our coffee. We don't know his name but he is really cute and serves great coffee. He's probably the only redhead I've ever been attracted to. Not that I have anything against them. I love redheads, they are hot. My brother's girlfriend is sexy; I would totally…okay point proven.

"If you stare at him any longer, you're going to burn a hole through him" muttered Aden, my best friend and confidante of nine years. Aden sat glowering at both us, dressed in black as per usual looking like the typical brooding emo.

"Shut up, Roberts" Hélène snarled back. Aden glared at underneath that stupid fringe of his. I groaned Helene and Aden just couldn't seem to get along for more than ten seconds. Aden said it was because she's a snobby rich feminist with extremist views while Hélène said it was because he's a scummy street-rat who doesn't know the difference between art and crap. Either way they both love me so it doesn't matter.

"Look arty boy and She-ra, cool it we have our coffee" I muttered sipping my venti java chip frappuccino. Aww, don't think I would survive without my daily intake of caffeine. Even Helene and Aden seemed less strung up with some caffeine in them. Thank the caffeine monster for its ripe juice seeds.

"Ahh!" we sighed, Helene leaned over and picked up a pastry brushing back her long even chestnut curly locks. I don't know how she does it but Hélène can just eat and eat and not gain a single pound on her slim body whereas for every pastry I eat another two miles gets added to my workout.

"Nothing like caffeine to get you going" I smiled, brushing a strand of hair of my lips. I hate it when lip-gloss does that.

"And you wonder why we suffer from insomnia" Aden said doing a quick scribble on his napkin. Well that explains the constant dark shadows and here I was thinking it was make-up.

"Speak for yourself, weirdo. I sleep like a log" Hélène replied. Liar, seen her come into school looking like a dog.

"Look like one too, all dry and crusty" Aden said smiling at her. Helene went to reply but Aden pressed a finger to her lips.

"Ah! Don't talk with your mouth full, Princess" he said. I rolled my eyes, they were like big children. I nudged Hélène as I saw who had just entered the building. Hayden Masterson, official school hottie and future junior prom king. The boy was like a male model toned all over and pretty on the face. Not really…. my type, you know. Wait who was I kidding. He's one of those boys whose everyone's type. Dark, tall and gorgeous. But he would never notice someone like me.

"I see the sex-god has entered the coffee shop" Aden said checking him out. That is one of the great things about having a gay friend. He can check out guys with you.

"He looks hot, though he is a manufactured fake doll from a society which is solely based on looks and sex" Hélène said attempting a scathingly off-handed remark.

"Explain why you don't fit in. In case you didn't get that my cherub. That's Hélène language for 'I'm so sad and want to die because he will never love back because I'm a flat-chested nerd'" Aden said biting his thumb. Guess it didn't work.

"What…why you little prick? Why don't you just swivel Roberts? Get one of those dumb pencils of yours and stick it up yours" She said back protectively covering her very little chest.

"Huh? Sorry what did you say?" Aden said, but I could see from the mischievous look in his eye that he had heard. Hélène grunted and stormed off to the toilets. Most likely to do her breathing exercises to calm herself down.

"You're so bad, Roberts" I giggled; Aden smiled at me and grabbed one of my hands and pulling me close. I breathed in the scent of Aden; he always smells of my two favorite things: coffee and printing ink.

"Marshall, don't you know you're only allowed to call me. Sugar or Sexy baby" he whispered. I let out a little laugh and a snort.

"Oh, am I interrupting something?" called out a voice. Aden and I pulled, well when I say Aden and I. I mean me. I pulled away quite quickly at the sound of the familiar voice. I looked up to see gorgeous Hayden staring at us.

"Duh!" Aden growled, I nudged him, I could have sworn he liked Hayden.

"Nope, we were just messing. We're waiting for …for …" I stuttered trying to get the old kick bucket to start working, though obvious it had shut down.

"Me!" said Hélène, I turned around and smiled at her. Never have I been so grateful to see her. I mouthed 'thank you' and she winked back at me.

"Hey, Helena" he replied, big oh no! If there is anything that Hélène hates, a habit which Aden flourishes in. It's when people mess up her name. It was like a dark cloth suddenly blocked out the light and sound.

Is it a plane? It is bird? No, its Hélène about to go crazy.

"Yeah" Hélène replied weakly. If possible I think my mouth would have dropped off. Why did Hélène not go crazy? I could hear Aden's barely muffled chuckling in my ear.

"Anyhow…, what do you want, Haddon?" Aden sighed playing with a little tuff of my hair.

"I was wondering if you lot are coming to my party? Tomorrow night? At my place? For my 17th?" He said, we all looked at him with surprise on our face even stupid Aden. When have we ever been invited to a party which Hayden is throwing at his house or near his house for his one of his infamous birthday parties on a Friday night?

"Oh our bad, we didn't know we had to come" Aden replied sarcastically "We must have forgotten about you inviting us last Monday in 200-never!"

"Aden!" Hélène and I muttered, well there goes my chances of ever being Mrs. Hayden Masterson.

"Oh, it was an open invite…I announced in the cafeteria yesterday...During lunch?" he said shuffling his feet. He looked so cute and nervous, now I see why he has been my crush for like the last four years.

"Sweetheart" Hélène began putting a hand on his shoulder, sporting the superior mother look "we don't stay in school much, we come here for lunch"

"And dinner" Aden added holding up a bagel

"Ooh and breakfast" I said remember our new breakfast regime." We drink, live, breathe Starbucks all the time".

"It's how we avoid bending to the will to fit in" Aden replied trying scratch the black nails vanish of my nails with his teeth.

"What's wrong with fitting in?" Hayden asked suddenly looking really scared. Oh no he's probably clocked onto what weirdoes we all are.

"Have you ever watched Mean girls?" Hélène asked, Hayden nodded. Aww, he's even cute when he nods.

"That says it all" Aden muttered sipping his espresso which was probably stone cold. Just the way the loser liked it. Aden says he can old drink and eat cold stuff to keep down the heat of his heart, probably scared he'll be come a bit friendly.

"Well, I would like if you were there Courtney and ….you guys" He said then kind of shuffled off, real smooth like.

"Eep!" I squealed, Hayden wanted me, lil old boring Courtney Marshall to come to his 17th.

"Wow, he totally came over to invite all three of us, didn't he?" Aden mumbled

"You little minx, Hayden totally came over to invite you. When did you start talking to him?" Hélène asked pulling her seat closer to mine. It's such a good thing she didn't expect me to breathe while I sat squished between her chair and Aden's

"Don't know…since we both got put in the same class for Geography" I smiled, could have sworn I told her.

"He's too cute" Hélène giggled "a bit like my new hot pink polka dot tights that I'm wearing"

"…..yeah!" I replied a little annoyed.

Wow, how many hints can a girl give? She has been trying to get me to comment on them all day. I get it, they're cute.

"Totally, as cute as a 6'4 cyborg with extra bulging vein action can get" Aden said mimicking Hélène's laugh. "Ooh I wonder how many cool phrases he can say." Hélène and I were so not amused.

"Oh fantastic, Let all war and suffering stop, let a rainbow shine everyday, let all the…Hey where are you going?" Aden all but shouted totally not caring that Hayden was still at the counter waiting for his order.

"Restroom" we said in unison "Girl talk" The one place we could actually be free of Aden Edward Roberts of Number 7.

" He's going out with Becca Isleton" Aden barked " I think"

And with that we left brooding art boy sitting by himself with nothing but a stack of pastries and his espresso to keep him company for a good hour.

Serves him right. Probably.