I Did It For You

My love, I'm writing you of this day,

I feel so torn, and I look so gray,

I'm lost with rain falling overhead,

Oh love, I wish I were only dead…

I've been watching you with lonely eyes,

I've been waiting for you to fill my skies,

Instead, I see that I'm not making your happiness alive,

I'm failing, and yet still trying to survive.

Oh my dear, I'm not sure what to do,

I try to let go, but my heart only sees you.

I see her comfort you with loving hands,

Oh love, her eyes for you are filled with plans,

To have and to hold you until you die,

Oh my love, this thought makes me cry,

I would love so much to strike her down,

To bury her last breath underground.

My dearest love, I'm writing you to this day,

My feelings are torn, and they're turning gray,

I'm crying with painful thoughts in my head,

My love, I'm praying that I'm dead…

I've left her in your life for several years,

Only because she helps dry your tears,

She makes your happiness fly up above,

And in return, she steals away your love.

My dear, I'm sorry that I was not enough for you,

My sweet darling, I watch your life happily continue.

Love, the day she mourned you while you passed away,

I made a grave for myself beside you, and there I lay,

Crying because I would die without you knowing,

My love for you, and my tears are overflowing,

My love, as I'm driving this stake right on through,

Just know that I did it, still thinking of you.

Love, I've expressed my love day after day,

My feelings are gone while I slowly decay,

I was once so lost with constant rain over my head,

I found a path and now I'm lying next to you dead,

But don't worry, dear, the price was finally due,

But you should know, I did this all for you.