You'll Always Have My Heart

My Love, I'm hurting in withering pain,

Because I know that I love you,

But I also know that it's over between us,

And I know there's nothing we can do.

It's not your fault though, my dear,

We gave it our all each and every day,

We were always faithful though,

With each and every word we'd say.

It hurts me to think of you with someone else,

You have no idea how hard it will hit me,

Like a punch right to my stomach,

But I know that's how it's supposed to be,

I'll never like you with someone else,

But I'll be happy for you at any cost,

As long as she makes you happy,

I'll pretend that I'm not at all lost.

I want to wait and see if we have another chance,

But I'd feel bad for taking you from her side,

I don't like the ring on her finger, my dear,

And I'm jealous that I can't be your bride,

To have and to hold you in sickness and in health,

To love you until death takes us apart,

My Love, even as you promise that to her,

You should know, you'll always have my heart.