This Unknown Sea

Down into the depths of the sea,

I feel the light before thee,

Oh, my Love, are we dead?

Have we left our lives that were misled?

Dear, are we here?

Is this to be our after-life?

Are we dead, my Dear?

Down into the depths of the sea,

I feel my heart leaving me,

I hear your final beats of life,

My Love, let us leave all this strife,

Dear, is this the place?

My Love, don't leave my side,

But Dear, let us leave this grace.

The silence is deafening screams,

Oh, my Love, tell me this isn't what it seems,

Love, don't leave this life without me,

Do not give your heart to this unknown sea,

Dear, don't tell me we're dead,

Tell me that you choose me,

Love, give me your heart instead.

Oh my Love, your hands are cold,

Your heart is leaving this soul that's sold,

But Love, please don't give in,

For our time is growing thin,

The current tries to take you away,

But I fight against it,

But the riptide is making me sway.

I finally let the salt water engulf me,

As you're taken away by this unknown sea,

My skin grows cold and pale,

And soon our love story will become a fishermen's tale,

We'll forever drift far away, far apart,

Letting this water fill our insides,

Allowing it to flow freely within our hearts.