Taken what was never mine

How does it feel to have everything taken from you?

What makes you complete can never be yours,

Can only be seen in charitable dreams

And the expectants of the fantasy you can only hope for.

Your ambitions are in vain and your efforts drift only into impossibility.

Your self oblige gains no outcome or results,

The apathy, the downcast of emptiness

And the realization that your pursuit was worthless.

An accomplishment you can't and won't reach,

The distress you keep for ever trying

Kept solely as an onerous reminder, that failure is a reality

And success is only a desire, not an actuality.

Life obeys no intention or destiny,

Our demands go unnoticed

Everything we seek to gain will never reside in our hands,

We conceive but nothing is done for us,

Life isn't a pretension.

Existence can be acrid, it can tear us apart,

It can leave us with less than we started with,

Careless of the immoral, it only continues its demeanor.

How does it feel to be cast aside like you were never there to start with?

When all that you ask for

Is declined.

It bought you nothing.

It was your undoing.

Disclaim a tragedy, and give up,

Don't chase what you lack.

Don't trail what you're never going to attain.

How does it feel to have the last of your hopes taken from you?

You ask yourself these questions, knowing the only answer,

Is the answer you refuse to believe.

-Lurid Black-