There's no take two

Respect the medium

Ok, so you have your ideas about your story. There is a one subtle point to take note of.

Respect the medium.

I know it is very obvious that a story is a story, a poem is a poem, and a script is a script, but you may not be aware of it. Imagine how you would explain what you did today to a friend as a recount as compared to if you had it as a script.

As a recount, I might say I went to the park after school, before returning home for dinner. As a script, you would have a scene for the park and a scene for at home. Note the difference. When telling a story, you would never after a section, pause, and immediately go on about something totally unrelated. There is always a transition to make the story flow, and to give a feeling of continuity.

It is important for the writer to remember that they are writing a story. For example, someone wrote a story with only dialogue. Ah hem. You might as well call that a script with incorrect formatting. The medium requires dialogue and description. Follow the rules. Write in a style that suits your story, such as the right tone (formal/informal), level of description/detail, etc... Remember your target audience.

Creating words is easy. The hard part is putting meaning to those words.

FP Tip: Summary

This is my first story, please R&R – don't start this, as how many first stories are you going to have? I think once you start, you'll get into the habit and you'll either become a liar (and since you want readers that come back they'll know) or a liar (yes, either way).

Full summary inside – please put your summary inside the summary box. It feels like cheating. It's a bit like if you're given an assignment to write in 1000 words, you write one in 5000 words. There's no one to stop you here, but consider it your lose to not be able to compete with the other summaries out there. I would be attracted to a summary before I try to read, not the other way around.

Story better than it sounds – of course it is. I'm sure every story is better than what that limited summary box provides. It's a bit too obvious. Please avoid.

Honestly, please don't include non-summary related material in the summary box, including SLASH, LEMON, MXM, FXF, etc...

If I had to put SLASH then I should put HET or else you are discriminating one or the other. For all those pro-slash-ers out there, you may say since a lot of people would hate it, you have to warn them. Some people might hate het, so those people will have to start warning them. If you believe slash should be accepted, treat it like the norm. Else, everyone has things they hate. I won't read a novel about worms. Please, worm tags WORMS. Positive or negative discrimination is still discrimination.

At this rate, should I put FANTASY, ACTION and the genres that didn't fit the limited genre selection as well? I usually write stories that can fit in so many subgenres. Please don't waste the summary box – there is a limited character count.

Lastly, use the right summary for the right section regardless of what your story is about. For example, 'Her, Ayuki' is a romance/fantasy story, but being posted in the romance section, I would try to summarize the romance aspects. Remember, where you posted it, and what type of audience you're gearing towards. If I had posted it in the fantasy section, the summary would be a lot different.

Fantasy version...

A famous singer, an unwanted arranged marriage and on top of that, creepy things have been happening lately. Those were her words, Ayuki Kushinki's, I mean. And little did we know the real purpose behind our world that we came to love.

Romance version...

Love? Lust? All I knew was that my heart ached as I longed for her, Ayuki. She was the famous singer that everyone loved and in contrast, I was her burden. If only I could become a hero and win her heart. If only everything we went through was real.

You could say they mean pretty much the same thing, but it's the subtle differences and the way that it's presented that matters. Often, everything is but down to point and perspective and two views on the same thing could give you entirely different results.

Author's Notes:

This is the collective writing guide, so if I've said it elsewhere unintentionally, I will plagiarize myself and add it here. Of course, I'll try to address it more formally, and discuss it with a bit more depth, and more in relation to our topic of discussion.

Secondly, without examples might be a bit vague, and hence when I feel the need, I shall use examples from my own stories, i.e. free advertising. Birds and stones... nah that's ancient.

It is exactly true that teachers are often those that are good at convey their knowledge, and not necessarily those that know the content exceptionally. Those with great knowledge that don't know how to convey them aren't of use.

In the end, my intention isn't to beat any writing guide, but try to make the most comprehensive writing resource. I'll try to cover absolutely everything possible. You got it...infinite chapters... imagine the money from selling it (infinite money)!