Reason to Fight for.

You're the reason why I feel in heaven;

You gave me sunbeams and tinted rainbows in my every smile.

Miseries are persuaded; i fear nothing.

You're the reason why in my every footsteps;

A Mile is just a glimpse away.

You're the reason why I am at my sweetest, why I am at my best.

With the means of your love, and as I utter you name.

I admit it. I am blushing.

You're the reason why I wake up.

Open my eyes and stare at the skies and tell myself,

"You're my every reason why I take off. Unfold the wings you gave me.

As I feel your love. I wrap myself in the warm breeze, and imagine you're soaring with me."

You're my only reason.

And I'm your every reason.

But even how intense feelings we have.

How convincing reasons we can tell.

I still ask myself.

"What if there will no longer be REASONS for US to FIGHT for our reasons?"