Pushed Down a Garbage Chute

Someone shoot me. Please. No seriously shoot me, I'll even pay you.

I cannot stand detention anymore. The silence was starting to get to me. I had finished my homework in the first hour and now I had two more hours to kill. I glanced to my right to see Andy lying back in his chair snoring. I think I saw some drool, but I couldn't be too sure. Some girl in the front was playing with her belly button, or at least I hope that's what she's doing. The green haired kid— whose name I still did not know — had a pair of scissors in his hand and was cutting patterns in the hem of his shirt. So very artistic huh? There were about three others in the classroom excluding the teacher who were all either finishing homework or resting their heads on the table silently.

I was glad to say that Adrian was in fact not here today. Phew. With the luck I have been having lately, I would say this is as close to a miracle as it gets. I would have jumped for joy, but I'm pretty sure the fat, pudgy detention teacher would have found it entertaining to be able to give me an extra half hour in detention, again.

Speaking of Mr. Ferrera, he was currently lying back on his chair with his legs propped up on the desk. He had his really old cellphone in his hands and he was rapidly pressing the buttons. I think he was texting. Hey, that's not a bad idea.

I discretely took out my own cellphone from my bag and sent a text message to Kelly.

Omg, im so bored D:

I set the phone on the corner of my desk and after a couple minutes it started vibrating. The phone moving against the desk made a loud noise that caused everyone to turn back to look at me. I grabbed the phone quickly and covered up the noise by pretending to cough.

"I'm alright," I said when my fake hacking eventually died down and everyone turned back to continue doing what they were before. Andy chuckled at me when he spotted the phone and in a matter of moments went back to sleeping. I looked down at my lap to stare into the screen of my phone to read Kelly's text message.

Gosh Meg, thnxs for waking me up.

Hey, if I have to wake up early, I will make others suffer with me. I replied with:

Haha, np. Wanna chill after with me and Andy?

Less than a minute later, my phone started vibrating in my hand.

Sure I'll meet you at your house.


So now what do I do to keep myself busy? With about an hour and forty five minutes left of detention I laid my head down on my desk and started thinking about everything and anything. Take a wild guess as to what popped up first in my head. Come on, I'll give you a chocolate chip muffin if you guess right.

I know you want one, they taste so good. Once Nick and I made some of those muffins and then we put icing on them and then some whipped cream. Then Nick said it still didn't look right so he put a cherry on top and added some sprinkles. He stared at it for about minute before saying it needed one last ingredient; Oreo crumbles. Needless to say, it was the best muffin I ever tasted. It was so mouth-watering and tasty and delici—

Sorry, I got a little carried away there. But anyway, back to what was mostly on my mind— other than food.


I have never been so confused before in my life. I just didn't know what to do anymore. I didn't know how to think straight around him, I didn't know how to act around him and I just... Ugh, I just don't know.

I should be hating him shouldn't I? He left me without even telling me. How did he think I was going to react to that? Was I supposed to be fine with it? I don't see what the big deal is with taking about five minutes out of his life to tell his girlfriend that he would be going to England during the school year. He didn't even call.

I don't even know why I am still confused, of course I should be hating his guts right now. No questions asked. He doesn't deserve to be forgiven. No, instead he deserves to be pushed down a grimy garbage chute to be met by angry hobos at the end ready to clob him for food. Yup, that sounds more appropriate.

So why is it that every time I find myself near him, I tend to be nice and civil towards him? Damn, I'm too much of a kind person. I'll excuse last night's behavior because Damien was there, but no more Mr. Nice Guy. Or woman. Whatever.

I think I must have dozed off sometime during the next hour because I was awoken by Andy shoving me off my chair.

"Ow," I said rubbing my butt from on the ground. "Couldn't you have been a little gentler?"

"I've been standing here for half an hour trying to wake you up gently. Everyone's gone already." I looked around to room to see that Andy was in fact right, the classroom was empty.

I grudgingly got up from my position on the floor and collected all my stuff on my desk and shoved it into my bag. "We're meeting Kelly at my house," I said to him on our way out of the school building.

He turned to me raising his eyebrows. "Thanks for not asking me before, what if I have other plans?"

I stopped in the parking lot and turned to him raising my own eyebrows. "Pshh, you have other plans?"

He bowed his head down, "Well no... but what if I did?"

I smiled and continued walking to our cars. "I would tell you to cancel them because there's nothing more important than hanging out with your girls!"

He chuckled and put his arm around my shoulders. "You're just lucky I don't have other plans."

We took separate cars to my house and saw Kelly's car already parked in the driveway.

"Hey guys! What took you forever?" Kelly said from her position on my couch, eating my popcorn, and watching my TV.

I ignored her question and responded to her with my own question. "Is there anyone else home?"

She waved me off, her eyes still glued onto the TV. "No, I let myself in with the spare key you keep in the flower pot."

I was not even going to ask how she knew we kept it there and instead settled for sitting beside her on the couch and watching the soap opera she had on. Andy followed and sat on her other side.

About a couple minutes later, Kelly abruptly got up shoving the bowl of popcorn in my hands. "I'm tired of popcorn, I need something else." Moments later she came in with a sandwich on a plate. I think I saw some strawberry slices and lettuce. Yum...

It was best not to question Kelly about her actions at times like these. There's a chance that it may cause her to get much weirder.

Nick came home a while later and made his way straight to the kitchen to get something to eat. He came back out with a can of Pepsi, a chip bag, and a plate with a sandwich on it. He sat down on the recliner chugging his drink down. I'm still very surprised that he isn't still upstairs sleeping his hangover off. I don't know how he does it.

"So how's Paul doing?" Nick's question was directed at Andy.

Andy shrugged. "He's alright, I guess." I remembered before our date that Nick mentioned he was Andy's brother. Funny, I never knew he had one.

Nick nodded in response to Andy and turned to Kelly.

"Hey, what do you got there?" he asked pointing at her sandwich.

"Strawberries and lettuce," Kelly answered nonchalantly watching the Olympics.

"Wanna trade for my bacon and grapes?"

She looked at her sandwich for a moment then turned her head to look at his and shrugged. "Sure," she replied before getting up and trading plates.

Andy and I exchanged grossed out looks. "You want some?" Nick asked us.

We shook our heads quickly. No way was I going to go make that mistake again and end up sitting in front of the toilet regurgitating it all out. I learned from my mistakes... and apparently Andy learns from them too.

"Who wants to go mini-golfing?" Nick asked a while later, chucking his Pepsi can in the garbage across the room, surprisingly getting it in.

Kelly, Andy and I were all sprawled out on the couch, our limbs indistinguishable from each other. We all shrugged, there was nothing better to do.

And that's how we found ourselves facing the very cranky lady giving us our score sheets.

"Hey my pencil is broken!" Andy complained holding up the pencil to the ladies face.

She turned her red lipstick smeared lips up on one side and grunted. "That's too bad then isn't it?" She blew away a blonde lock that fell in front of her face and handed me my score sheet and (broken) pencil.

"Um, my score sheet has a very peculiar looking stain on it," I said.

"Deal with it," she grumbled. She handed Kelly and Nick their sheets and pencils. We made our way onto the first hole, before hearing the lady mutter "Filthy kids." Geez, what's her problem?

"You really whacked the hell out of that sucker," a man said from behind me.

I choked, "What sucker?"

"The ball," he said slowly. Oh right... the ball.

Have I ever mentioned to you how bad I am at mini-golfing? Yeah, I didn't think I would have. It's extremely embarrassing I tell ya. I was on my seventh hole and I had the highest score of us four. Well actually Andy and I had a pretty even score. He wasn't too good at this either. Irritated, I swung the ball as hard as I could and it ended up bouncing off many walls before landing even further away from the hole.

Fed up with trying, I threw my golf club at Andy. "I can't do this, do it for me!"

"I'm just as bad as you are!" he whined throwing my club back at me. Andy and I were still on hole seven while Kelly and Adrian were probably on their tenth. It took about another five tries before I got the ball in. It took Andy about another four. Onto hole number eight!

I wasn't very successful with this one either. About six swings at the ball later and I still had yet to get the little ball in.

"Keep your head down and spread your legs a bit more," the man from earlier said. Okay, what the heck did he just say to me?

I spluttered. "What!?"

"Like this," he said before motioning how I should swing at the ball. In the words of my own mother, I have got to get my head out of the gutter.

Fifteen minutes later found Andy and I at hole number eleven. We were waiting for the short, bald man to finish this hole so we wouldn't keep him waiting too long... and possibly save ourselves from hearing him say anything else we could interpret the wrong way.

He took a swing and the ball came so close to the hole but went right past it moving a bit farther away. He stood near the ball again getting ready to swing. "My hands are so sweaty I can't get a good grip," he said.

Okay is this guy doing it on purpose or something? Andy cracked up from beside me. Apparently he found it funny, I found it just plain creepy.

When the man left I took my turn at it. I took a swing and to my complete amazement it went in on the first try. Well, what do you know? A hole-in-one. This calls for celebration. I did my happy dance while rubbing my score in Andy's face. At least I was beating somebody.

At hole fourteen, I had much worse luck. It took about another seven tries before I got it in. Mr. Creepy— yes that's what I'm calling him —went after me.

He took a swing and then cursed. "Nuts... my shaft is bent," he muttered.

Does this guy not hear himself? Andy chuckled from beside me again and he was still laughing while he took his turn. Luckily this made him mess up, making my score still slightly higher than his.

Finally we were at the eighteenth hole. The last one. I swung at the ball and it had stopped right in front of the hole. Hey, not bad.

"Nice stroke, but your follow through has a lot to be desired," Mr. Creepy said.

I gaped at him. "Um, thanks?" I replied. Why won't he just go away?

I took the last swing and it went in. Another person went after me, a man in his late twenties who was here with his girlfriend. He set the ball down and took a swing.

"Whoa, look at the size of his putter," Mr. Creepy said to no one in particular. Seriously, is it just me or does he sound like he's enjoying this?

Andy quickly finished his last hole and we rushed out to find Nick and Kelly.

"Wow, after eighteen holes I can barely walk," the weird guy said from behind us before leaving. Ugh, at least that's the last I'll see of him.

We finally spotted them sitting down, sharing a plate of fries. I could tell Nick was eating most of them. Poor Kelly, she probably wouldn't even get a chance before Nick engulfs it all. Kelly was busy laughing at something Nick said though to be concerned about the fries she had no luck of getting a fair share of. I snatched some fries in my hand before stuffing them in my mouth.

"Hey! Those are our fries!" Nick protested. "And what took you guys so long? We were done hours ago." Gee, thanks big bro, rub the fact that you are so much better than us at mini-golfing in our faces. We don't mind. I decided to ignore him and attempt to steal more fries away. Key word: attempt. I kept getting my hand slapped away.

When we went home we spent the rest of the day sprawled out in front of the TV, watching movies. Ah, what better ways are there to spend a Saturday night?

I woke up the next morning at noon. I guess I never noticed how tired I was lately. Making my way downstairs after I finished taking a shower, I noticed Nick watching TV in the living room eating a bag of chips.

After snatching the chips out of his hands I asked: "What are you watching?"

He didn't answer, and weirdly enough he didn't even try to grab the chip bag back or even notice I took it for that matter. He had his eyes glued on the TV, but he didn't look as if he was watching it. A slight smile was plastered on his face.

"Um, Nick?"

No answer.

"Nicolas?" I tried again, waving my hand in his face. I got the same response. I shoved him by the shoulders slightly, no reaction. Weird.

Time to take a different approach.

"There's pizza in the kitchen!"

He didn't even flinch. Okay, there's something up with him.

There's one last thing I could do. I slapped him across the face. Not too hard though don't worry, but it finally took him out of his daze.

"Oh hey, Meg," he said with the dreamy look still on his face. "I didn't notice you there."

What the...?

I raised my eyebrow at him. "Um, Nick...are you okay?" I asked.

He turned his head fully onto me and smiled dreamily. Okay, this was getting just a little creepy.

"Have you ever been in love?"

I think I might have fallen off the couch, I'm not sure, but I was surprised nonetheless.

"What are you talking about?" I asked tentatively.

All of a sudden the dreamy look was swept off his face and he seemed to come out of his trance. "Hey, why did you take my chips?"

He snatched the bag out of my hands and walked out of the living room. What the hell was that?

I shook my head, trying to convince myself that I probably just imagined Nick doing that, and turned to watch TV. No more than ten minutes later my mom came into the living room.

"Oh there you are, sweetie. I was wondering when you would wake up."

I grinned widely and got up to hug her, I hadn't seen her all week. When I pulled away I asked: "When did you get here?"

"At about 5:00 AM this morning."

I nodded and launched another question her way. "How long do you have off?"

"Just today," she said with a slight frown. I nodded gravely, used to it already.

"Honey, I was thinking we could go shopping this afternoon. How about it?"

"I don't know..." I said reluctantly. I didn't like shopping very much and my mom went crazy when shopping, dragging me everywhere and making me try on clothes. She's just too much into that kind of stuff, and who can blame her? She's beautiful. I remember once last summer when we went to the mall, a man mistook her for my older sister.

"Please dear, we never get time together anymore. Just the two of us."

She guilt tripped me, but she was right, we didn't spend a lot of time together. "Alright Mom, just let me get ready."

She beamed at me and pulled me into another hug. "I'll be waiting right here."

I quickly changed into a pair of black jeans and a white and navy blue striped fleece sweater. I put on my usual make up and left my hair down.

"I'm ready Mom!" I called on my way downstairs. She grinned and made her way to the door with me following behind her. We grabbed our jackets— as it was nearing December and it was fairly chilly outside— and purses and made our way to Mom's car. She had a white BMW and I loved the rare occasions I got to ride in it.

"Why don't you get a haircut at that salon?" My mom asked me after about two hours of shopping. She had about six bags in her hands. I had one.

"I like the way my hair is now," I answered her.

"Well just a trim then?" She asked.

"My hair is fine, I don't want to cut it," I whined. I didn't want to admit this to anyone, but I had this weird phobia of hairdressers ever since I was six and had gum stuck in my hair. Long story short; my hair was very short on one side of my head for about a year of my life. Now I always feared going to the hairdressers, afraid that their hand might slip and cut off a huge chunk. It's stupid, I know, but I just can't help it.

"Please honey, your hair is getting a little too long."

I wanted to make my mom happy today, and she's right, it was getting a bit too long. I let out a sigh and reluctantly agreed. Her face lit up and she looked like she was actually going to jump and clap her hands together excitedly. Good thing she didn't though; that would have been just a little embarrassing.

"Maybe get some bangs too," she said on the way there.

I groaned trailing behind her. She hasn't changed.

"How do you like it?" the blonde, perky hairdresser asked. She seemed young, about in her mid-twenties, and had these bright blue eyes. She talked a lot though; it got annoying.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My reflection looked different. My hair that reached my mid back, now hung just below my shoulders. It was still slightly curly though, but I liked the new length. Much less tangles this way. I noticed the thick side bangs next. I titled my head to the side to examine it more. I liked it, I decided. It wasn't so bad.

"Oh you look beautiful, honey!" My mother gushed from beside the bubbly hairdresser.

I shrugged. "It's okay, Mom." The hairdresser frowned. Now I feel bad. "I really, really like it." I said grinning, happy to see the hairdresser's smile come back in place. It wasn't a complete lie. I just wasn't that used to the change.

My mom paid and we walked out of the salon.

"I'm hungry," I complained to my mom. She sighed and handed me some money.

"Go buy something to eat. I have to go the bank anyway, I'll meet you at the food court later."

I nodded and waved to my mom and headed to the food court. They must have just moped the floors because I found myself slipping. I fell on my ass and dropped my bag. Great, just great.

"Are you alright?" I heard someone say from behind me. I quickly got up and almost fell again. Luckily, I felt strong hands wrap around me to keep me steady. I turned around, cheeks tinted, and faced my savior.

He was hot. In fact, he looked familiar. I turned my head slightly to the side and peered at him better.

It was Colton.

The same guy I fell in front of at the grocery store. He must think I'm some klutz. Oh wait, I am. He must have seen the look on my face because he smirked.

"So you remember me?" he asked. I blushed even more and bent down to grab my shopping bag and purse. "Megan, right?"

I nodded. "And you're Colton?"

"Yup," he responded smirking wider. "So you did mean it when you said you fall a lot."

I wasn't sure my cheeks could get any redder, but they somehow managed. "I don't do it that often."

He chuckled. "Maybe it's just me then?"

We lapsed into silence and he broke it by saying, "You look different."

"I just got a hair cut," I answered, subconsciously bringing my hand to my hair.

"It looks good." And just when I thought my blush went away, it came back.

"Thanks." I replied and then noticed my mom a little distance away looking for me. "I see my mom, I had better go." He nodded with a smile and we parted ways.

When I reached my mom she had a knowing grin on. "So who was that young man?"

I shook my head at her. Any other mother would say to take care of myself, or not to talk to strangers. Not mine though.

"Just some guy I met while falling and making a fool of myself," I answered.

She smirked. "Did you at least get his number?" she asked me.

I shook my head, rolling my eyes at her. "No, Mom."

"Alright," she said. "Well anyway, Hellen just called. She wants us to have dinner at her house."

I groaned. Dinner at Adrian's? Just what I need. Note the sarcasm.

"Oh you look lovely honey!" Hellen gushed the second I entered her house. She turned to Adrian who was standing a couple feet away. "Doesn't she look lovely?"

"Uh, yeah," he said awkwardly.

Adrian's mother beamed at me again and turned to greet Nick and my mom. She gave them each a hug and a kiss on each cheek as she had done to me. "Dinner will be ready in a while, make yourselves at home," she said to Nick and I before leaving with my mom into where I remembered the kitchen to be.

Nick walked up to Adrian and did some complicated handshake thing. "Did you finally get NBA 2K9?" he asked him.

"Hell yeah," Adrian replied with a smirk and they ran like five year-olds to the games room so they could play.

That left me alone in Adrian's foyer with nothing to do. Cue dramatic sigh. I looked around myself at Adrian's house. For lack of better words, I will describe it as this: huge. It was much bigger than my house and much better designed. I didn't get much of a chance to look around Adrian's house last time I was here when we were doing our project, for the sole purpose that I wanted to get in, then get out. Looking around I noticed some changes from when I came here a couple of years ago. When I actually came here to hang out with Adrian. There were different paintings and portraits up and the walls were now a lavender color then the beige they were before.

When I explored the house more, I noticed some more differences. Most of the furniture was different, the walls were painted different colors, and the dinning room was now connected to the living room. I remember when I was younger, and more naive, I was amazed at how someone could live in a house this big. Adrian's dad was a very successful lawyer so he got good pay, but he was rarely ever home or there for his kids.

Adrian would always tell me how much he resented his dad. Not once would he ever come to his basketball games, or soccer games. Not once would he ever be there for his birthday. Not once did he even smile at his son as if he was proud of him. His father never had time for him and Adrian never felt as if he could barely call him his father at all. I wouldn't be surprised if his father wasn't at dinner today. In fact, I would be astonished if he was.

I knew a lot of things about Adrian actually. Well, at least the old Adrian. He's changed into a bastard now. This Adrian, I did not know.


The voice shook me out of my thoughts and I turned to see Damien standing there.

I smiled at him. "Hey Damien."

"Wanna play with me?" he asked.

"Sure, what do you want to play?"

"Grand Theft Auto."

I frowned at him. "Aren't you a little to young to play that game?"

"No, Adrian let's me play it all the time," he smiled at me, showing off his dimples. "It's fun!"

He then took me by the hand and dragged me into a room down the hall. It was a big room with a very large flat screen TV, a long L-shaped leather couch and many game counsels. There was an air hockey table and a Foosball table in the back. Adrian and Nick were in the room yelling ferociously at the TV while pressing down repeatedly on the controllers. Boys.

"Adrian, Adrian. Can I play Grand Theft Auto now?" Damien asked letting go of my hand and running up to Adrian.

He smiled down at his little brother and shrugged. "Sure, just let us finish this game."

Damien beamed at him. "Okay."

"You're actually going to let him play that game?" I asked while I made my way onto the couch and took a seat next to my own brother.

"Yeah..." he said as if it was the most obvious thing ever.

"He's eight."


'So? That's all you can say?"


"You're unbelievable." I exclaimed.

"What's the big deal, it's only a game."

"Yeah and it's rated 17+ for a reason, retard."

"Oh come on, Meg. Have a little more faith in him, he's not actually going to steal a car and run over a police officer."

I looked over at Damien and he had one of his sweet innocent looks on. I sighed defeated. "Whatever."

Damien grinned. "Can I play now?" he asked his older brother.

Adrian handed him the controller and switched the game to Grand Theft Auto. Damien was engrossed in the game the second it turned on, ignoring everything around him. Adrian chuckled and got up from his position on the floor and sat on the couch beside me.

I scooted closer to Nick.

"Wow, immature much, Meg?"

I stuck my tongue at him. That didn't help very much to make me look more mature, but whatever.

Adrian shook his head and asked "You guys want to watch a movie?"

Nick shot up quickly. "I'm choosing it!" And he ran to where I supposed the living room was. I followed behind with Adrian beside me.

"What movie are we watching?" I asked after sitting down on the leather armchair so no one would be able to sit next to me.

"The Pursuit of Happiness." Nick responded.

Nick loved this movie, it was one of his favorites.

"You know what I love so much about this movie?" Nick said when it was close to the end. Nick asked this every time we watched it, and he would always give the same answer. I practically memorized it. "I love how no matter what happens, he always takes care of his son and never leaves him. I've always wanted a father like that."

"Yeah, me too," Adrian responded.

It was one of those ways that Adrian and Nick could connect so easily. Especially over their fathers. I understood them completely, I went through the same thing as Nick, but there's just a difference when a son never gets quality time with his father.

"I'm going to be there for my son," Nick said after a moment of silence. "No matter what."

Nick would have made a great father. I knew that for sure.

In the next chapter of All Because of You:

"Are you actually going on a date with her?"

"What's it to you?" I sneered at her before Adrian had the chance to speak.

"I don't believe you," she scoffed. "I want to hear it from Adrian."

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