To Fate

Flicker like a dying star that never quite collapses,

Never gives up even though it's completely over,

M.e.a.n.i.n.g.l.e.s.s. (like you).

Hold onto that last thin thread connected to nothing,

And it's fraying slowly, ripriprip, shredding so fast,

like the lies (to yourself) that keep you upright.

Did you think I'd forget what you did while I wasn't

looking (like usual) in your direction?

Breakbreakbreak, that's all that's left in your (un)life.

No one believes a l.i.a.r. unless the lies take them higher.

Clatter, bleed. You brought me

to my knees in the end and I won't ever forgive.

Instead I'll be waiting near the edge for you to come begging;

Helphelphelpme 'cause no one's listening (not surprising,

when science eats you up—your blood on the scalpel),

But I won't prove (to anyone) that you're real (were real),

Because you'll be fallingpushed off that edge you brought me to,

Torn to bits by your false promises (shattered),

Just like me (we're broken together),

And you'll finally see me smile.

a/n - Righto, here's the first poem in this little collection! Hope you all liked even though it was thoroughly depressing and twisted, as most of my poetry is. I think this one was pretty straight forward, but I'm going to put a little explanatory line in each just in case the main point wasn't clear.

Fate can't control what doesn't believe it exists and that's the best revenge there is.