Chapter 2: The Mysterious Knock

Boom! Boom! Boom!

"Who is it," called Maganium in a quiet voice, her face pressed in her favorite pillow. "If you came to laugh then go away!" She yelled, clearly upset.

She was tired from another rough day and didn't want to see or speak to anyone.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It came again. She got up and opened the door. A bright light shined as she opened the door and she heard a small cough. The light slowly dimmed and formed a series of stone steps She turned back to see that her bedroom had vanished. She was no longer in her home. She turned back the other way and decided to go on.

She grabbed the torch to see where she was going. She walked on. The more she walked the more confidence she gained. She walked faster. This is so cool!She thought. An actual adventure! Thanks to her excitement, she completely forgot about her troubles.

Suddenly a strange but strong wind picked up and she began to grow cold. She fell to her knees and the torch blew out and fell out of her hand.

While she was on her knees something warm touched her and picked her up.

"I wont let you fall," said a quiet, comforting voice.

The wind began to slow and she began to walk again. As she walked she came upon a stone door with engravings on it. They looked so real that it seemed like if she touched them they would breath and fly off of the door.

She opened the door and walked through.

"Okay, what is this place? It's so beautiful," she said taking in the scenery.

She turned around and the door was gone. Again?She thought. Maganium saw trees about sixteen feet tall or taller. The tree barks were different shades of Ivory, Crimson, Gold, Ember, Violet, and Dark Brown. There were birds that glistened different colors when light hit them at certain angles. It was fall here in this world. She watched the trees to see if a leaf would fall, but instead of falling, the leaves merely turned into dust. The sun here was so bright that if you took one look at it you'd probably be seeing on purple for more than two hours.

Suddenly, she felt a presence come upon her. She felt as if someone or something were watching her. She heard a rustling noise in the bushes. Maganium slowly walked towards them, bracing herself for a fight.

"She heard me," whispered a teenage boy sitting behind bushes.

He had been watching her for a long while now. He watched her touch the trees as she came closer. He tried to stay quiet and still to keep her from coming nearer. She still came.

She neared the bushes some more and then stopped. The thing or whatever it was moved once more then stopped also. She bent down to see who or what was there.

All of a sudden a teenage boy popped out.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" she screamed and fell flat on her bottom.

"Um, I'm sorry to frighten you," said the boy, stretching his hand. "I'm Narcissus." He said helping her up.

"Hi, I'm Maganium," she said dusting herself off. He looks very familiar…and cute,she thought.

He was tall but not too tall with broad shoulders, short blonde hair with one long braid tied down by a small cord. He had light blue eyes that seemed to glisten brighter each time he blinked and his left shoulder was marked with a tattoo that looked like a sun.

"Well, I can tell you're not from here." He said. "Your shoulder doesn't have a birth mark."

"The sun on your shoulder is a birth mark?" she asked shocked.

He turned around, began to walk, and motioned her to follow.

"Yes it is, all Rococos' have one on their shoulder whether it is a sun, a dragon, a moon, or a star." He replied.

She didn't know what a Rococo was and she didn't feel like asking either.

"So where do you come from," he asked gazing at her.

"I'm from Osaka, Japan," she replied.

"Is that in your realm?"

"My realm?"

"Yes." He said. "Your realm. You don't have a birth mark so you must come from another realm. Am I right?"

"I guess so." She said. Now this is weird but if it's better than my world I guess I can handle it.

They continued to walk quietly. As they walked they came upon a small town filled with people. There were children playing in the grass what looked like a mixture of kick ball and volley ball. Blacksmiths were building swords, axes, daggers and all sorts of things. A group of people were watching swordsmen battle in what looked like a small training site. Now that's cool, she thought. Completely medieval. She knew she couldn't wield a sword like that.

She looked at Narcissus, "Um, Narcissus?"

"Yes," he answered still walking.

"Um, why were you watching me?" she asked.

Blushing he answered, "Well at first I was sent there by my father to get a plant for a certain someone. Then I heard this noise as if a door was being shut. I looked in that direction and there you were. You were just looking around like you've never seen sixteen foot trees before-," he said getting cut off by Maganium.

"Well duh! I'm not from, remember?" she snapped.

Totally ignoring her he continued, "Anyway, I didn't know who you were or where you came from. So I decided to hide until I saw a mark that was the same as mine. I'm sorry for scaring you," he finished.

"Hey, no biggy," she said.

"Since you're not from here, I'm going to have to take you to the main quarters." he said leading her to a huge medieval styled castle with banners hanging form the outside. They had the same emblem that Narcissus had on his shoulder. She gasped at its size and splendor.

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