Alone, in isolation

Alone with faces on the wall

Alone, inside this gallery

Alone, I start to crawl

Alone for life in solitude

Alone, oh please, god, no

Alone, don't leave me lying here,

Alone, the sadness grows

Alone I will remember

Alone, you'll never know

Alone, I'll never leave here,

Alone with all alone

Alone, forgive my sanity

Alone, forgive my scars

Alone, erase these teardrops,

Alone, indeed, it's hard

Alone for life and reason

Alone is all I've known

Alone, my death, a runaway,

Alone is how I've grown

Alone with pain and suffering

Alone with hate and spite

Alone I am indifferent

Alone I'll be at night

Alone I know is everything

Alone I must not mind

Alone I watch you fade away

Alone 'til the end of time

Uploaded: 5/13/07

A/N: I remember writing this in class, with the girl I liked right in front of me. I would look up at her back and think these lines. It's still a shitty poem, extremely corny, but the rhyming is good so that's the only reason it's not gonna be in my shit-poem collection.