I love Caitlin very much

Although she sometimes seems

To like a little too much, lunch,

As she struggles to fit in her jeans

Caitlin's hair is very black

Her nose is cute and stout

And when you think she is a quack

You wonder what she's about

If silence is a punishment

Then she's lying in a cell

Wondering of manatees

And thoughts she'll never tell

Though she thinks she's never seen

Her antics play a portly scene

But what acting still could match the prowess

Of this genteel beauty- nature's proudest

Uploaded: 5/13/07

A/N: Unlike most of my other lovey-dovey poems, I wrote this one with the intent of sharing it with the one whom it concerns. In fact, I wrote the first stanza while I was sitting next to her. Who says I can't do poetry on the fly? )